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Category: News

X-News, first attempt

In an attempt to summarize the ST events of the week… here they are:

North America

Canada Cup:

  • The biggest ST tournament of the year in American lands. Too many big names to list. 5 Japanese invites. James Chen joining the commentators in the finals. Daigo also joined Mattsun and Koemon for the team tournaments. Mike Watson invited too. 91 players in the solo tournament.
  • Bracket  The official videos are coming soon on Atari’s channel also with offstream footage and several hours of casuals. In the meantime, you can check the stream archive of CanadaCup and CanadaCup1 twitch channels.

Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum. Special #50 event.

Wednesday Night Fights @ eSports Arena:

  • AfroLegends took it over Tomoaki.
  • Unfortunately there is no stream of it.

Upcoming tournaments:

  • Super Turbo for Charity in TX with eltrouble, millertime, rizOne, ultracombo and many more. Stream channel
  • There was also an announcement of Aniken being invited to the Redbull Battlegrounds tournament (Capcom pro tour finals) which will take place in Boston on November 18th. Unfortunately, the communication between the organizers and the community has been extremely bad but we still encourage everyone to make it there even if it’s last minute.



  • LaDose Ranking Battle (also with a special kumite event)
  • Posting XSB videos on youtube. XSB was the biggest ST event in Europe this year. 4 Japanese invites. 80 players in solo. Great final between Zagi and Kusumondo. Also great final in team tournament between Zagi Chunli, Max Cammy and Balcork Feilong vs Mycophobie boxer, OldSamir Guile and Milanea Honda.



  • There was an online tournament run mainly by French players with Mycophobie (17 years old player) taking it over Sige Blanka. Bracket
  • Big announcement of Fightcade 2 beta being publicly released for accounts created in 2014/2015.

RIP Nohoho

It’s a sad day for the Super Turbo and fighting game community.

Nohoho, one of the most influential members of the Super Turbo scene has passed away. He is well known for his fierce Blanka, as well as his super nohoho fighter ii x website, which featured a ton of incredible Super Turbo information, especially from Japan. Though he retired his blog several years ago, it still remains an important source of translated information for players today. Many players have said that his site was the reason that they got into Super Turbo and continued to follow the scene, as his blog was the bridge between Japan and the rest of the Super Turbo community bringing information that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

He also was the inspiration for many to give back to the community, including Super Turbo Revival, to continue bringing news from Japan to the Super Turbo scene. Without Nohoho’s hard work over the years bridging the Japanese ST scene to the rest of us and keeping interest in the game, Super Turbo Revival may never have been formed and the scene likely would have died out long, long ago, during the “Dark Age of Fighting Games”.

Cheers to you, Nohoho. May you be in a better place now.

Nohoho with AFO

Gamespot Versus 4.12.16

Here is this week’s Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from April, 12th courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Rules: Two teams are chosen beforehand as well as player order. The first two players from each team battle each other and the winner stays on to fight the next player from the other team. Once a team has run out of players they lose the event. The remaining players on the winning team face each other in an exhibition at the end of the event.

This week features:

1P: nicofromtokyo, Goro, Risty, Ususu, Shal, Tako-sama, Kawamura, Koedo, Fukuyama, Geist, Hide, Mu, Suzuki, Jimmy, Kabuki-kun, Kazumatan, Neri, PECO, Gucchi, Toukon, Tsunoppi, Mattsun, Koemon, Takechi, Yakitori, Seo, YuuVega, Kotaka Shoten

2P: Jojo, Moro, Fujimi Blanka, Karaagemaru, Nakaji, Iinuma, Taichou, XSPR, Miya, Shinonii, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Nemo, Aoba, EcoDJ, Grygla, Palestina, Te, Nikaiten, Tomoza, Kikai, Choshu, Tencho, Kawasim, Nakamu, tomo, Hanashi, Sasori, Noguchi

Interview with Kusumondo

Kusumondo talks about a variety of topics from X-Mania Europe, what he loves about ST, HDR, who he wants to face in ToL and more.

Big thank you to Kusumondo for taking the time to do this interview. Thank you to @CrasherJ for the super fast translation job!

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