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Monday Night Fightcade 1.1 Results

Results from the inaugural Monday Night Fightcade hosted by @arkedeum. ELO rankings will be updated soon.

Monday Night Fightcade 1.1
October 17, 2016
Players: 32

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All Monday Night Fightcade events will be streamed by Arakadeum.

The Monday Night Fightcade ELO page.

Read more about the ELO rating system.

More information about Monday Night Fightcade.

2 Old 2 Furious ST Results

2 Old 2 Furious: Double Impact ST 2vs2 Results:

2 Old 2 Furious: Double Impact
October 15, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
Players: 14 Teams (28 players)

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Monday Night Fightcade Debuts This Monday!

Monday Night Fightcade Promotional Banner

Arkadeum is hosting a weekly Super Turbo ELO league on Fightcade taking place Mondays at 8PM PST / 11PM EST. The debut takes place tomorrow, October 17th.

To signup visit the Monday Night Fightcade signup page on Challonge.


  • North America only (USA, Canada, Mexico).
  • 200ms ping or lower to host. NO WIFI!
  • 2 out of 3 games / 3 out of 5 games for Winner’s/Loser’s/Grand finals.
  • Akuma is banned.
  • 32 player cap.

Arkadeum will be streaming live at:

The Monday Night Fightcade ELO page.

Read more about the ELO rating system.

More information about Monday Night Fightcade.

Interview with Kris “Fromo” Powell from

We love player interviews and has just posted an interview with Kris “Fromo” Powell. Most ST players know of Fromo and his deadly Blanka but you can learn more about him in this fantastic interview.

X-EST Stream Information: Gamenewton and UltraChenTV

X-EST banner

X-EST, a big 3-on-3 tournament that will be featuring the superstars of the Japanese ST world, will be taking place this Sunday, August 28th (Japan Time).

X-EST will be streamed on Game Newton’s Twitch TV channel:

There will also be an English stream by James Chen on UltraChenTV:

Time/Date: August 27 10PM PST / August 28 1AM EST / August 28 2PM Japan

Entrants: X-EST 2016 List of registered teams compiled by Xgamerz

Teams List for X-EST 2016

Xgamerz has compiled a list of the teams that have registered for X-EST 2016, which is taking place this weekend.

Fight for the 6ix Results – 8.6.16

Unessential blasts his way through winners undefeated to take the Red Bull Fight for the 6ix Super Turbo crown! Defeated in the process was longtime local rival Dogberry and Canada’s Tournament of Legends II qualifier Lord Jimmy Bones in some very intense sets.

Special thanks to TorontoTopTiers for organizing and running the tournament and Red Bull for sponsoring the event (and providing all that free Red Bull!)

Stream archive:

1) Unessential (Chun-Li)
2) Lord Jimmy Bones (Boxer)
3) Dogberry (Ryu, Ken, T.Hawk, Dictator)
4) Hohji (E.Honda, Ryu, O-Ken, O-Sagat)
5) TOSFHQ 50/50 Drewface (Ryu)
5) Luckyjim (O-Honda, Dictator)
7) Psychochronic (Chun-Li, Fei Long)
7) WB! (Chun-Li)

Civil War: Manifest Destiny ST Tournament

Super Turbo will be held on Japanese candy cabs and streamed at Civil War: Manifest Destiny on Saturday, September 17th.

It is a standard double elimination tournament. Sets will be 3/5 the whole way. Cost is $10 for the tournament. Currently the venue fee is $35.

The tournament is held at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati Ohio. It’s where Power Up was held a bunch of years ago, a mostly empty mall where we use the center court.

They will be using Japanese candy cabs, but plan on a side by side setup. H2H will be stream only most likely.

Date: Saturday, September 17th.
Location: Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, OH (Location of past Power Up tournaments)
Hardware: Japanese Candy Cabs – head-to-head and side-to-side
Format: Double elimination | 3/5 games
Entry Fee: $35 Venue / $10 Registration
Notable Players: RoyBisel and Immortal.
More Info: Civil War Facebook Event Page.

X-EST (X-Mania) 3on3 Tournament Announcement

The X-Mania series is taking on a new name: X-EST (Every Summer Tournament) and this year’s was announced by @X_EST_info to be taking place Sunday, August 28th at e-sports SQUARE in Tokyo.

Toronto Wednesday Night Fights – 7.20.16

Results from Toronto Wednesday Night Fights from July 20th:

Toronto Wednesday Night Fights
July 20, 2016
Toronto, CANADA
Players: 12

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