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Gian Recital Stream link for tonight

We Here is the stream link for Gian Recital that will take place tonight (May 4th) US time:

The tournament will start at 1PM Japan Time / 9PM PST / 12AM EST.

The Gian Recital website:

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Season’s Beatings: Summer Slam TOL Qualifier

Cinco de Mayo is going to be blessed with some serious ST action!
ST Revival members Ghaleon and Nomrah will be hosting their flagship, seasonal tournament series, Season�s Beatings (Summer Slam), in Columbus, Ohio, at the famous MoMo2 venue this upcoming weekend! There will be two qualifiers with a $20 entry fee for each, both will be double-elimination, 3/5 matches, 4/7 Grand Finals, and it will be run on a Japanese Arcade Cabinet (Head-to-Head) and a Supergun setup.
Make sure to support them, and take the opportunity to challenge yourself against the Midwest�s best ST players!
2885 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202-1510
Phone: (614) 784-0888
Contact for more information!

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GameSpot Versus Weekly Battle

I attended the weekly team battle held at Gamespot Versus arcade off the Nishi-Nippori station in Tokyo, this past Tuesday.

I heard things would start around 7PM so I got there around 6:30 but I found out that signups would begin at 8PM and the team battle would start around 9PM. So that gave me a lot of time for casuals. There was only one person playing on the six head to head setups so I played for a bit against him. A few more people started showing up so it was a little weird, not knowing anyone there so I finally talked to the guy I was originally playing against. He turned out to be Nakamura Cammy so that was a pleasant surprise. I asked him about TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS and showed him the flyer that I had and he wasn’t aware of it. He took me over to the front desk and introduced me to Nikaiten, who was in charge, and Tonegawa Cammy who was also there. They both knew of ToL and Nikaiten was happy to post the flyer up for me. I talked to all three of them for a while and Tonegawa invited me to join his team for Gian Recital on May 5th. I happily accepted and look forward to the tournament!

More and more players started showing up and I started recognizing some big names, like Kurahashi, Hiroyan, VIPER, Nidaime, etc. I wasn’t too familiar with a lot of the players but the skill level was very impressive from everyone in general. We eventually drew cards to determine teams and once we had our teams, we chose our team order. I wasn’t sure how playing in a team tournament would be but it turned out to be a lot of fun, rooting for your teammates and there were a lot of great matches along the way. I won’t post any spoilers so here are the videos:


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Gian Recital

We would like to eventually work in Japanese ST news so here is a big ST tournament coming up, the annual Gian Rectial.

This year’s Gian Recital will be held on May 5th at Mikado in Takadanobaba.  I haven’t seen any stream information yet but if I do, I will pass it along.

Your’s truly is in Japan for a couple of weeks and Tonegawa Cammy, who I met at the weekly GameSpot Versus event this past Tuesday, was kind enough to invite me to join his team to participate.

The Gian Recital website:


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Box Arena Joins as a TOL Qualifier!

We are happy to announce that The Box Arena will be joining as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier!

When we expanded the finals to 32 back in February, we had made unannounced plans to run a qualifier at Team Madcatz Championships in San Diego, which was scheduled to take place last weekend. After the announcement last week that TMC would be postponed until after EVO, we were approached by Box Arena to move the qualifier to their location at Frubble. Frank Fresh, the director at Box Arena is an avid ST fan and Box Arena became the perfect choice to replace TMC, as Frank wants to be a part of the ST revival, they are the premiere fighting game group in San Diego and we get to keep the qualifier in SoCal, as originally planned.

The Box Arena qualifier will take place on Saturday, June 2 at 2PM. The qualifiers will be $20 to enter and is standard ST tournament format:

Double elmination
3 out of 5 games.
Akuma is banned.

Box Arena has plans to stream the qualifiers at

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KING OF GGPO 2012 – SPRING Begins May 12th

It’s that time again! Time for the second qualifier for KING OF GGPO 2012. KING OF SPRING will kick off with Round 1 on May 12 @ 7PM PST.

Round 2 will take place May 19th @ 7PM PST and Round 3 will take place May 26th @ 7PM PST. The FINALS will take place this time immediately following the conclusion of Round 3.

The winner of KING OF SPRING will join the winner of KING OF WINTER (AfroLegends) to compete in the KING OF GGPO 2012 Championships to be held at the end of the year.

Whether it’s to prove your worth on GGPO or maybe for some tournament practice for any upcoming TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifiers, you can REGISTER HERE.

For more information and rules, please visit The KING OF GGPO 2012 and The KING OF SPRING pages.

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Videos from Super Arcade ToL Qualifiers

ComMando has uploaded all the matches that were streamed from the Super Arcade TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifiers from 3/31.

Qualifier 1 Playlist

Qualifier 2 Playlist

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Power Up ToL Qualifier Results

Congratulations to Brent “Immortal” Werling for winning the Power Up TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier. Immortal joins Tokido, Kusumondo, MAO, Nuki, Damdai, Alex Valle, AfroLegends, DGV and CVital in the finals.

Name: Power Up TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS Qualifier
Date: April 14, 2012
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Entries: 15
Video: N/A
Brackets: N/A

Name Character

Brent “Immortal” Werling Claw / Chun-Li

Roybisel Boxer / O. Sagat

Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez Dhalsim

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PowerUp ToL Qualifier is this weekend!

A friendly reminder that the next TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS Qualifier is taking place this weekend (April 13-15th) at PowerUp. ?If you’re in the area, please show up and support ToL and Power Up!

Power Up discussion thread on SRK

The Cincinnati Mall
600 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

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John Choi vs CVital ToL Qualifier Grand Finals from Texas Showdown

Thanks to TripleChimpers (Lone-Star Gamers) for posting the Grand Finals from the Texas Showdown TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS Qualifers.

You can view all the matches over at Frame Advantage.

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