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Evo 2017 Super Turbo Results!

Eltrouble takes the ST Tournament over ultracombo at Evo 2017! This year’s annual Super Turbo tournament at Evo had 88 players participate!

Technical difficulties prevented a stream from happening but we’ve been told that videos will be uploaded this week.

EVO 2017
July 15, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Players: 88
Bracket: Challonge
Video: N/A

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Kusumondo to attend Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious!

Japanese Honda Grandmaster, Kusumondo will be attending Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious, which takes place next week, July 22nd! The tournament will be streamed by TeamSp00ky @

Next Level
874 4th Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11232

Super Street Fighter 2 X (Arcade/Supergun)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade/Supergun)
Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Arcade/Playstation 2)
Capcom vs SNK 2 (Playstation 2)
Ultra Street Fighter 2 (Nintendo Switch)

4:30pm Registration opens
5:30pm Registration closes

6pm Ultra Street Fighter 2 begins
6pm Capcom vs SNK 2 begins
6:05pm Super Street Fighter 2 X begins
6:10pm Street Fighter Alpha 2 begins
6:15pm Street Fighter EX2 Plus begins

Double-elimination format
Best of 3 games to win a set

Please bring your own controller! Most USB controllers are compatible.

Venue: $10
Entry: $5 per game

8 or more entries = 70/20/10 for top 3
7 or less entries = winner takes all

More Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious information can be found at their Facebook Event Page.

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Evo 2017 Super Turbo Tournament

Eltrouble, MillerTime, and SharonasaurusX will be hosting the Super Turbo side tournament at Evo 2017!

Sharon will be streaming the tournament via her TwitchTV channel at

Tournament Information:

  • ST will be in the BYOC section at Evo 2017 in Mandalay Bay
  • FRIDAY, July 14 : 10AM – 6PM – Casuals
  • SATURDAY July 15 : Starting at 1PM – Tournament (Singles 3/5)
  • Registration will be handled on-site. Entry fee is $10. May potentially be capped at 64 entrants depending on availability of setups.
  • Hardware: UD-CPS2 Superguns (3) with CRTs. More setups may be available.

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Zagi wins the first Fightcade Offline Festival

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Zagi took the win in both solo and team tournaments at the first edition of the FOF in the last weekend of May.
Nearly 40 candy cabinets, some of them very rare, had all sorts of shmup, puzzle and fighting games.
8 French players travelled to Spain for the tournaments.

Video of team tournament finals:
Videos of the solo tournament:
Bracket solo tournament:


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XSB to become the biggest ST tournament in Europe

With the absence of X-Mania Europe since 2014 and Stunfest in 2017 the guys from LaDose in Lyon have committed to organize the ST tournament that Europe deserves.

Everything is set up to become the new big European tournament of the game. 6 Japanese guests as well as many international players from USA, Canada, England, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco.

All the top legends from France will be present, both old school and new school and both from online and offline scenes. Max31, Balcork, Milanea, Zagi, Professor Jones and Er Commander to name a few.

Unfortunately, the available spots for the tournament sold out in barely two weeks, which is good and bad at the same time, but contact the organization in case you want to be added to the waiting list.

Dates: October 14 and 15
Place: Gamespirit at Lyon
List of participants:

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Combo Breaker

Damdai wins Combo Breaker 2017!

Damdai defeats RoyBisel in the grand finals of Combo Breaker 2017 and takes home the custom SSF2T cabinet from!

Combobreaker 2017
May 27-28, 2017
St. Charles, IL
Players: 117
Video: TwitchTV

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Photo courtesy of @tempusrob and @ComboBreakerFGC.

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Hyper Bomb: Stage Two Tournament in San Diego on June 10th

Bracket Visionaries is holding Hyper Bomb: Stage Two in San Diego on June 10th. The tournament will feature Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, SFV, GG Xrd Revelator, UMVC3, KOF XIV, Tekken 7, and Smash Bros. Melee.

Event Details:

Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108
Presidio Ball Room

Doors open at 10AM and tournaments start at 12PM.

Venue Fee:

Pre-Registration: $10
Onsite: $15
Spectator: $5
Parking: $5

Entry Fee:

ST: $5
SFV, GG Xrd, UMVC3, KOF XIV, Tekken 7, Smash: $10

Rules (ST):

2/3 Games.
Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, Grand Finals are 3/5 Games.
Akuma is banned.

Hardware (ST):

UD-CPS2 with Kurosticks available.

Stream: TBA
More information: Hyper Bomb Facebook Event Page

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Texas Showdown ST Solo Results

Est1991 completes the sweep by winning the Texas Showdown 2017 Solo tournament. He also won the Ratio tournament held on Friday.

Texas Showdown 2017 Solo
May 6, 2017
Houston, TX
Players: 35

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Kakerugo 2017 5on5 Results!

Team 新婚チャンプwithデゲシュ会: Fujimon (Dee Jay), MatsuKen (Ken), Oakfei (Fei Long), Yonezaki (Dictator), Makki (Ryu) win Kakerugo 2017 by defeating Team 織田・今川連合軍: Opemai (Claw), Yondaime (Sagat), Nakamu (Blanka), Pikku (Claw), Kawashima (Boxer) in the grand finals!

KAKERUGO 2017 5on5
May 6, 2017
Tokyo, JAPAN
Players: 196 (40 teams)
Bracket: Twitter
Video: Twitch
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Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio Tournament Results

Est1991 wins the Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio tournament. The standard double-elim tournament is taking place today at 2PM PST / 4PM CST / 5PM EST.

Texas Showdown 2017 Ratio
May 5, 2017
Houston, TX
Players: 19

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