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Nor Cal Regionals ST Tournament – March 25 @4PM PST

Nor Cal Regionals 2016 is taking place this weekend and the Super Turbo tournament will be taking place on Friday, March 25 at 4PM PST. There will be a stream for Super Turbo on Iplaywinner. If you have any questions, get a hold of ultracombo before or at the event. Here’s details of the tournament:

– 4PM start time on
– 3/5 games
– No Akuma
– Supergun hardware
– Entry fee is $5 but you must be registered for NCR. On-site registration is available for both NCR and the ST tournament.


(see video annotations in the youtube description)

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Miracle Dome HSF2 Kumite – 1.16.16

Super Street Fighter II Turbo brings us footage from a new venue: Miracle Dome in Shizuoka.

Hyper Street Fighter II Kumite from January 16, 2016 featuring:

OiranB (ST Ken/HF Ryu)


Busao (CE Zangief/WW Ryu)
Yamaguchi (ST Zangief x2)
BAD (HF Ryu/ST Guile), Yama
(CE Ryu x2)
Chiba (HF Ken/CE Ryu)
Maguro (ST Zangief/O.Boxer)
Mr. Ichigeki (ST Dictator/ST Blanka)

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Final Round 19 ST Results

Final Round 19 results

Final Round 2016
March 19, 2016
Atlanta, GA

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See all Final Round past tournament results.

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Goukipedia – Super Turbo Legends

Yogaboy has launched a website called Goukipedia which honors the Super Turbo legends of Japan.

Also the website features a video section of matches between the top two grandmasters of all the characters.

Here’s a little about the site from Yogaboy:

“In order to make this list we picked those players who have taken their characters to the highest level and that are held in the highest regard by their Japanese peers. They are also known as the most successful in tournaments with their characters at some point or another in the history of the game.”

“The goal of this section is to bring to the forefront all the information I have been gathering in my trips to Japan about who is who in a scene that we usually only have access through few videos, reports and random posts in forums.”

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Super Turbo NorCal vs SoCal gathering at Arkadeum

Ultracombo, Fudd, DarknessInTheFog, Moocus, Razgriz, Sergjiev, eltrouble and Millertime among other players gathered for a very fun meet up between NorCal and SoCal.

Here the timestamps (they only work when clicked from the youtube description):

Under 30 vs. Over 30:
5:42:50 – Battle 1
5:56:49 – Battle 2
6:16:32 – Battle 3

3:09:26 – NorCal vs. SoCal ‘musical chair’
(rules of the musical chair in the youtube description)

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Special Kotaka Shoten Kumite – 3.6.16

For those Guile fans here is a present with the current #2 Guile in Japan as the main star. Here are the opponents:

Iroha (O.Guile), PECO* (ChunLi), Naoki (Boxer), Toukon (ChunLi), Kusa (ChunLi), Miharu (Dictator), Piroshi (Honda), Pixiv No Mugen (Dhalsim), Gucchi (Dhalsim), Yuzuru (DeeJay), Kawasim (Dhalsim), Nia (Honda), Ren (Dictator), Grygla (FeiLong), Nikaiten (O.Sagat)

Look in the youtube description for the timestamps

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Neyagawa ABC – 2.14.16

Monthly ranking battle of February in Osaka
2on2 team format
Kuraba (Ken) & Wani!K (Honda)
Hayashida Aisuke (Sagat) & Degeshu (Ryu)
Edo (Chun) & KKY (Dhalsim)
Utamaru (Hawk) & Shogatsu (O.Honda)
Teppe (Guile) & Murasaki (Dictator)
SIN (Honda/Boxer) & Aniken (Ken)
Main (Zangief) & Fujimon (DJ)
Otochun (Chun) & Kusumondo (Honda)
Batayan (Guile) & Gunze (Zangief)
colors (DJ) & Kazu (DJ)
malure (Chun) & Matsuken (Ken)

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Kakerugo 5on5 Tournament Announcement

Mattsun just announced the final dates of Kakerugo 5on5 (former Gian Recital) this morning. The tournament day will be on May 4th. Some of the people who went to X-Mania 2015 are going this year to the Kakerugo tournament.

Since we learned from the past experience we are going to do things even better this time and with a JR Pass we are going to Superstar’s Nagoya arcade (home of Futachan, MAO, ARG, Fujimon, etc) and the arcades in Osaka.

We are also lucky that the monthly Enpara tournament in Osaka takes place that week so the super ST week in Japan looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.58.39 AM

There are few changes in the 5on5 tournament compared to previous years:

  • Another 5on5 will be held on the previous day (May 3) where you can repeat characters inside the team. The day of the main tournament (May 4) you can’t repeat characters
  • The tournament will take place on Wednesday (holiday in Japan that day) instead of the weekend
  • The tournament will take place in the reponed Daytona Shiki arcade instead of Mikado. Hopefully with more room for people

Note: Last year X-Mania had 135 participants and Kakerugo had 125 so you can consider both tournaments equally big

Note II: Right now (2/22) roundtrip tickets to Tokyo from the US are as cheap as ever. $640 from NYC and $436 from LAX.

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Belated Japan trip report X-Mania 2015 [part 1]: the ST house

Two years ago a group of ST enthusiasts started talking about making a group trip to Japan. First as a joke and then more and more seriously. After a few months we finally managed to find enough time and money to make it. All I can say is that I feel lucky I was part of it and now it’s the time to share the details of the trip with the community the best we can.

The ST apartment, as we called it, hosted 7 of us. Damdai, eltrouble, Millertime, Isimorn, Hanasu and me (yogaboy).

This is one of the gifts we gave to each other and to Japanese players. They gave us plenty of gifts and we gave plenty to them. But more on that later.

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Topanga SF2 25th Anniversary

National Convention 2016 is the way they named the tournament that took place this week. Since it’s also the 25th Anniversary of World Warrior they included an SF2 tournament with players from SF4 like Momochi, Itabashi and Bonchan also including 2 of the 5 fighting gods, Tokido and Haitani.

Three ST players were also invited, Yaya, Komoda and Gian. The commentator was Yoshio (aka the Japanese James Chen). They used a PS3 port of the game. Single elimination, single game (!)

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