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Super Turbo News

Kakerugo 5on5 Tournament Announcement

Mattsun just announced the final dates of Kakerugo 5on5 (former Gian Recital) this morning. The tournament day will be on May 4th. Some of the people who went to X-Mania 2015 are going this year to the Kakerugo tournament.

Since we learned from the past experience we are going to do things even better this time and with a JR Pass we are going to Superstar’s Nagoya arcade (home of Futachan, MAO, ARG, Fujimon, etc) and the arcades in Osaka.

We are also lucky that the monthly Enpara tournament in Osaka takes place that week so the super ST week in Japan looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.58.39 AM

There are few changes in the 5on5 tournament compared to previous years:

  • Another 5on5 will be held on the previous day (May 3) where you can repeat characters inside the team. The day of the main tournament (May 4) you can’t repeat characters
  • The tournament will take place on Wednesday (holiday in Japan that day) instead of the weekend
  • The tournament will take place in the reponed Daytona Shiki arcade instead of Mikado. Hopefully with more room for people

Note: Last year X-Mania had 135 participants and Kakerugo had 125 so you can consider both tournaments equally big

Note II: Right now (2/22) roundtrip tickets to Tokyo from the US are as cheap as ever. $640 from NYC and $436 from LAX.

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Belated Japan trip report X-Mania 2015 [part 1]: the ST house

Two years ago a group of ST enthusiasts started talking about making a group trip to Japan. First as a joke and then more and more seriously. After a few months we finally managed to find enough time and money to make it. All I can say is that I feel lucky I was part of it and now it’s the time to share the details of the trip with the community the best we can.

The ST apartment, as we called it, hosted 7 of us. Damdai, eltrouble, Millertime, Isimorn, Hanasu and me (yogaboy).

This is one of the gifts we gave to each other and to Japanese players. They gave us plenty of gifts and we gave plenty to them. But more on that later.

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Topanga SF2 25th Anniversary

National Convention 2016 is the way they named the tournament that took place this week. Since it’s also the 25th Anniversary of World Warrior they included an SF2 tournament with players from SF4 like Momochi, Itabashi and Bonchan also including 2 of the 5 fighting gods, Tokido and Haitani.

Three ST players were also invited, Yaya, Komoda and Gian. The commentator was Yoshio (aka the Japanese James Chen). They used a PS3 port of the game. Single elimination, single game (!)

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Gamespot Versus 2.2.16

The latest Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from February 2nd, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This week features:

1P:  Asari, Tako-sama, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Fukuyama, MOR, Aoba, EcoDJ, Geist, Gucchi, Shal, Hide, Cross, Hanashi, Nikaiten, Choshu, Tomoza, Sasori, YuuVega

2P: Hatenko, Mi, Seion, Risty, Palestina, Ushio, Sachichi, XSPR, Kusa, Nemo, Munari, Te, Chojin, Grygla, tomo, PECO, Kawasim, Kotaka Shoten, Hustler, Souzou

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Gamespot Versus Character Team Tournament – 1.30.16

At Gamespot Versus they always find ways to organize some fun tournament over the weekends besides the usual East vs West on Tuesdays.

Luckily, we have @Xgamerz keeping track of these events. He re-uploaded the tournament of last Saturday with annotations in the youtube video description.

The rules this time were to have two teams of 4 players with 4 characters each
Team P1 : Nikaiten & Sashishi & Massayan & Pixiv No Mugen
Team P2 : Souzou & Gucchi & Kikai & Iroha

After the tournament (at 1:25:50) there is an incredible FT20 between Sashishi Ryu and Souzou Fei Long. Arguably the best Ryu and Fei Long these days.
Final score: 20-17 in Sashishi’s favor.

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Kawachieiwa Enpara East vs West – 1.17.16

Just after the ranking battle previously posted Kansai players run, as usual, an East vs West similar to the Gamespot Versus ones in Kanto.

Here the teams:
1P: Kuraba (Ken), Hayashida Aisuke (Sagat), Wani!K (Honda), Nan (Ken), Matsuo (Guile), Haru (Ken), Suma Zangi (Zangief), Prime (Dictator), Kazu (DJ), Teppei (Guile), Edo (Chun), KKY (Dhalsim), KENTA-KOBE (Honda), Murasaki (Dictator)

2P: Main (Zangief), Hanabi (DJ), Mori (Boxer), Kawa (Guile), Matsuken (Ken), Utamaru (Dictator), JK (Boxer), Shigaken (Ken), Kusumondo (Honda), Batayan (Guile), Fujimon (Claw), Gunze (Zangief), Otochun (Chun)

Original upload by Shogatsu
Re-upload to youtube by supersf2turbo

*East vs West means, unless indicated otherwise, a tournament with two big teams regardless of the city of each player.

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Kawachieiwa Enpara – 1.17.16

Kawachieiwa Enpara Ranking Battle from January 17th, 2016 uploaded by Shogatsu
(re-upload to youtube by supersf2turbo) featuring malure, Batayan, Edo, Gunze, Otochun, Nan, Tsumura, Shigaken, Mori, Matsuken, Haru, KKY, Kazu, Utamaru, Kuraba, Hayashida Aisuke, Main, Murasaki, Hanabi, Prime, Wani!K, Kawa, Teppei, Fujimon, Matsuo, Suma Zangi, JK, KENTA-KOBE

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Gamespot Versus 1.26.16

The latest Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from January 26th, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This week features:

1P:  Mia, Yottin, ☆ no Hikaru, Shibata, Blue Red Okuda Ka, Hatenko, Kawamura, XSPR, Goro, Miya, Te, Tonkatsu, Fukuyama, jimmy, Tera-san, Hide, Shal, Nikaiten, Gucchi, Nakamu, Suzuka, Palestina, Hustler, Kotaka Shoten

2P: Nishi Dhal, Tako-sama, nicofromtokyo, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Iroha, Geist, Risty, MOR, EcoDJ, Suzutsumu, Munari, Grygla, Taichou, Batayan, Blue Red Oku Dake, Aotsun, Koedo, Kikai, Choshu, Tatsumaki Ojisan, AFO, Abebin, Kawasim, Sasori

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Shiki Boxer in Daytona Shiki 2on2

Daytona Shiki is an arcade in Tokyo that was reopened last September thanks to the donations and community efforts to resurrect it.

Shiki Boxer, a player with the same name as the Tokyo area and the arcade, is the best boxer in ST along with Tsuji and Tamashima. The three of them are semi-retired but Shiki came back last week for a 2on2 tournament teaming up with the Dhalsim master Hakase.

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ST/HSF2 Mini Combo Collection

Super Street Fighter II Turbo has uploaded a cool ST/HSF2 combo video.

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