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ST Revival Fourms!

We’ve just launched an ST forum here on ST Revival! Social media has taken over the majority of the ST discussion these days however one of the huge drawbacks is that those discussions become very inaccessible with in a short amount of time. These forums are not meant to replace those discussions but rather to supplement the ST community so that informational discussions can be archived here and be easily accessed for future reference.

So come on in, register, discuss and enjoy!

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Videos from Japan / X-MANIA expedition

Yogaboy and ISIMORN have uploaded a video playlist of matches (consisting of 46 videos) from various arcades during their expedition to Japan for X-MANIA 16.

The crew from the USA and Europe (ST House) consisted of Yogaboy, ISIMORN, damdai, eltrouble, Millertime and Hanasu.

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Treta Pride Super Turbo – Nov 1-2

Treta Pride Super Turbo

Brazilian’s main fighting game event is back. Bigger than ever, newer than ever, but also classic as ever, since it will now feature arcade Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo as a main game, instead of the previous HDR classic mode from previous majors in the country.

The platform will be 1) CPS-2 cabinet with UD converters and 2) a UD-CPS2 with a CRT TV, so players can use standard arcade parts on the cabinet or just use their USB joysticks or pads.

The competition will include previous champions Born2SPD and deathgun, and also fierce opponents such as Wall-Garants, Earqueman, Belotadentro, wolverine, and many others.

Comentary will be provided in Portuguese by oldschool-BR and others, under a dedicated stream station.

Date: November 1st – 2nd
Locaton: Curitiba, BRAZIL
Facebook Event Page:

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Gamespot Versus – 9.29.15

The latest Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from September 29th, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This week features:

1P: Hatenko, Arata, NFT, Aotsun, Chabozu, Risty, Nikaiten, Aze, Aoba, Hide, Kikai, XSPR, Takechi, Kondo, Kawasim, YuuVega

2P: Mebi, Tako-sama, Geist, Taichou, Katsuragi Neri, Grygla, Yajiro, Palestina, Numa, Gucchi, Hustler, Chojin, Koemon, Choshu, Yakitori, Sasori

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Kawachieiwa Enpara East vs West – 9.13.15

Kawachieiwa Enpara East vs West from September 13th, 2015 uploaded by Super Street Fighter II Turbo featuring:

1P: Aniken (Ken), Edo (Chun), Wani!K (Honda), Matsu Blanka (Blanka), J (Boxer), colors (Ken), Shigaken (Ken), Gunze (Zangief), KKY (Dhalsim), Otochun (Chun)

2P: Hanabi (Zangief), Wada (Sagat), ToneP (Dhalsim), Matsuken (Ken), Teppei (Guile), Noguchan (Ryu), Degeshu (Ryu), Batayan (Guile), Murasaki (Dictator), Fujimon (DJ)

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So Cal Regionals 2015 ST Tournament

eltrouble has just announced that he will be running a ST Tournament at this year’s SoCal Regionals 2015!

It will be taking place on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at the Ontario Convention Center.

The schedule itself will be worked out with Valle when he returns from TwitchCon and will be announced at a later date.  I intend to have it start in the early afternoon.

Here’s the general information, as well as the link to the SoCal Regionals website itself:

Friday, October 9th, 2015
Ontario Convention Center
2000 E. Convention Way
Ontario, CA 91764

If you are already registered for SCR, you only need to come see me at the venue and pay the $10 tournament fee for the ST Tournament.

If you are not registered, you only need a Spectator Pass to enter the venue ($10 for 1-day, $25 for 3-day).  $10 tournament fee still applies.

ST Tournament Rules

Double Elimination
3/5 games per set.  Applies to all matches including finals.
We are using 2 Undamned CPS-2 superguns, which are usable with most PS3 and Xbox360 controls.

If you have any additional questions, contact eltrouble at:

Hope to see you guys there!

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Gamespot Versus – 9.22.15

The latest Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from September 22nd, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This week features Spin, Nishi Dhal, Moro, Palestina, Ikeyama, Nobu, Kabuki-kun, XSPR, Aotsun, pixiv no mugen, Hatenko, Te, Occhan, Giccho, ZTT, Papaya, Haneko, Hakase, Seion, Wani!K, Abeabe, Iroha, Risty, Kato, Piroshi, Miharu, Nemo, Fukuyama, Isaji, Tasaka, Taichou, Gi, Hide, Nikaiten, Stomach Momio, tomo, Suzuki, Choshu, Blue Red Oku Dake, Koemon, Kikai, Gucchi, Numa, VIPER, Shu, Hustler, M.B★, and Kotaka Shoten.

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Consett Clash – 9.19.15

Consett Clash
September 19, 2015

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Kawachieiwa Enpara – 9.13.15

Kawachieiwa Enpara Ranking Battle from September 13th, 2015 uploaded by Super Street Fighter II Turbo featuring Edo, Aniken, KKY, Shigaken, Gunze, ToneP, Wani!K, Batayan, J, Teppei, Hanabi, Matsuken, Fujimon, Wada, Murasaki, Noguchan, Matsu Blanka, Otochun, Degeshu, and colors.

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Gamespot Versus – 9.15.15

The latest Gamespot Versus East vs West team battle from September 15th, courtesy of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. This week features Nishi Dhal, NaoBlanka, Koedo, Katsuragi Neri, Konpoko Guile, Risty, Aotsun, MOR, Kato, Nikaiten, Kikai, Palestina, Tako-sama, EcoDJ, Suzusim, Taichou, Choshu, Geist, Nakamu, XSPR, Noguchi, Blue Red Oku Dake, Souzou, Aoba, Tera-san, Hide, Gucchi, Takechi, Chojin, Tencho, Tomoza, Koemon, Yakitori, YuuVega, Kawasim, Kotaka Shoten, Hanashi, and Sasori!

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