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X-News Week #34 (June 11th-17th, 2018)

North America

  • AfroLegends is the 8th Tournament of Legends III qualifier after winning the Super Arcade tournament of last weekend against Tomo in the finals. Mike Watson is commentating for most of the tournament. Stream | Bracket
  • Don’s Arcade will run another SoCal Tournament of Legends III qualifier on July 21st. More info
  • Monday Night Fightcade had yito2k Dhalsim from Mexico as the second person to earn a spot in the final top 8 that will take place in a few weeks to decide the Tournament of Legends III qualifier. Bracket | Video. The third person to win the a spot in the top 8 took place on their stream last night but we will publish it on next week’s report.
  • Northwest Majors in WA will take place this weekend and is a Tournament of Legends III qualifier. Top 8 will be streamed at 9.30pm on Saturday although the channel hasn’t been confirmed yet. Player list and registration
  • Remember to check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser to help support ST Revival. The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1950.
  • With some of the old Japanese legends attending the upcoming CEO event (also a Tournament of Legends III qualifier) we wrote a detailed article to review who the legends from the 90s in SF2 were. Check it out if you want to know who was the first SF2 champion, the first ST champion, etc. Speaking of CEO, some people have also announced they will run a Salty Suite with ST as one of the games.
  • WNF @ e-sports Arena in LA had their 2.7 edition (Stream @3:37:45 | Bracket) and the 2.6 (Stream @1:07:55 | Bracket) we missed to report last week (both played in 30th Anniversary). In both cases the grand final was between Mr Igloo Boxer and Tomo Ryu.
  • Dbostick run another edition of King of the Dojo (KotD) tournament in a round robin format. Video | Bracket
  • The Lost Ark arcade in NC run another Super Turbo Sessions of casuals on the weekend. Damdai and Rekkaken were some of the guests attending the event. Both of them also run some more casuals on 30th Anniversary on Damdai’s channel.


  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto) with a lot of old character action which is not very common in Japan, Old Fei, Old Honda, Old Ryu, Old Boxer, etc. Nakamu Blanka and Yuuvega Dictator were the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • X-Count is a project lead by Kusumondo that publishes FT10 series from the Osaka arcades. Now he has joined forces with AFO to do some special events from the arcade in the Fukaya area (where AFO is from). Fukaya is in the Kanto area (where Tokyo is located) but it’s actually 2 hours north by train from Tokyo. There is a trailer of the upcoming special event.
  • Gamespot Versus special tournament (Kanto). An amazing 2vs2 team tournament with top players using their alt characters like Yakitori New Hawk, PECO New Ken and Shiki Dhalsim among others and with crazy performances. There were also guest players from the Singapore scene: MRK Honda and Colonel Guile.
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between AFO with his unusual Old Zangief and Seo with his secondary Dictator.
  • A long set coming from GameSpot Versus (Kanto): Suzuki Zangief vs Bunchin FeiLong (video).
  • North vs South tournament from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Shogatsu Old Honda and Murasaki Dictator are defending their teams in the final.
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan.


  • The tournament from last week in the UK, Fist of the Notts Star 2, has all the videos now on youtube with a final between Golcarjack Guile and Zero1 Boxer. You can even see some behind the scenes in this other video.
  • DonYann is organizing another ST meet up in Paris as a training session for the french qualifier of Tournament of Legends III. It will be on July 7 at Extra Life Café.


  • Bob Sagat can’t stop creating a new thing each week. He recently posted a trailer of what will be a new combo video that he has been working on. His creations are definitely the best out there.
  • As we mentioned before here is the article about the old school players in Japan during the 90s.

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Don’s Arcade joins as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier!

For those of you in So Cal who missed or were unable to attend this weekend’s Super Arcade TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier, we are excited to announce that Don’s Arcade will be hosting a ToL III qualifier on July 21st.

Some early details on the qualifier:

– It is tentatively scheduled to begin at 3PM PST.
– The main station will be a head-to-head setup.
– There will be 3-4 additional side-to-side setups.
– All cabinets are candy cabs with Sanwa parts.

Don’t forget to check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III page for all the latest qualifier spots and other info.

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AfroLegends Wins The TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Super Arcade Qualifier!

Congratulations to AfroLegends for winning the Super Arcade TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier by defeating Tomo in the grand finals.

Video: TwitchTV
Brackets: Challonge

1. AfroLegends (Boxer / Dee Jay)
2. Tomo (Ryu)
3. kuroppi (Zangief / Ryu / O. Honda)
4. Mr. Igloo (Boxer / O. Ken)
5. Miller Time (Honda)
5. Digital Infamy (Ryu / Boxer)
7. OG Ken (Ken)
7. Scuzbucket (Chun-Li)

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1950!


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The Japanese Old School

Capcom recently announced their official ST tournament as part of the 30th Anniversary series taking place at the CEO event on June 29 (Florida). The tournament price will be $7K which is the highest price for an ST tournament ever.

One thing that caught many people by surprise is the presence of Japanese players like FOOsuke and Nakano Sagat in the attendees list. Both of them are known Street Fighter champions from the 90s but nobody knows why they chose this tournament to show up now.

Foosuke winning Gamest Cup 1994

Now it’s the perfect time to review who they are as there is some confusion in the community. There are interviews and magazines about the old school in Japan but since we don’t have any dedicated translator in the scene we have to guess most of the facts with the clunky google translations. There is an official 30th anniversary book and few videos talking about the 90s scene but they only talk about the American old school scene which doesn’t help.

It’s sad to see this lack of communication between the American scene and the Japanese scene but we’ll try our best to fix that.

Arcade vs SNES National Champions

Back in the day Capcom organized 3 big SF2 tournaments in Japan with more than 7000 attendees. The tournaments were taking place in the famous Kokugikan stadium in Tokyo which is used for sumo events. The matches were played on SNES and each event featured the versions of Street Fighter that were released for the console that year. The champions were:

  • 1992: SF2 (World Warrior). Matsuzaki Dhalsim (aka Kapitan) 松崎規夫/松崎
  • 1993: SF2 Turbo (HF). Nakano Sagat なかのサガット
  • 1994: Super SF2 (New Challengers).  Kizuka Jun Ryu 木塚純
Picture from the 1994 tournament: Matsuzaki (left) and Nakano Sagat (right) as 92 and 93 SNES champions

There are videos of both 1993 event (Nakano Sagat final at minute 39:50) and the 1994 one.

But we all know the long tradition of arcades in Japan so, before the SNES tournaments, the Gamest Magazine, the most popular game magazine at that time, organized the first Street Fighter II national event using cabinets with the help of Capcom and called it Gamest Cup (ゲーメスト杯). Over the years, there were two more Street Fighter II Gamest Cups, as far as we know, each of them featuring a different revision of the game. These events weren’t taking place at Kokugikan stadium but other big venues. The champions were:

  • 1991: SF2 (World Warrior). Kiyofuji Guile (aka Seidou) 清藤
  • 1992: SF2′ (Champion Edition). Tachikawa Claw 太刀川
  • 1994: Super SF2 Turbo (ST/2X). FOOsuke DJ (aka Kato) Foo助/加藤

Footage from these tournaments is more difficult to find. Kiyofuji Guile can be considered the first SF2 champion but the only footage we found of that first tournament is actually from a very recent video, the promotional video of Ultra Street Fighter II, which features moments from many old tournaments. Kiyofuji can be seen very briefly at second 58 playing in one of those rare Capcom cabinets (he is wearing Ryu’s red headband and a Simpsons t-shirt, more on that later).

Kiyofuji Guile winning the very first major of Street Fighter 2

In a very recent interview with Saruwatari Masashi 猿渡雅史~, the Gamest Cup founder, he explains how back then they still didn’t have the video output connected from the cabinets in order to record them and that the head to head setup wasn’t still a thing so they had to play side by side.

In 2014, Kiyofuji Guile, the 1991 Gamest Cup champion, was interviewed by the 1994 Gamest Cup champion FOOsuke, who posted the interview on his blogKiyofuji gives many more details of his tournament victory and the scene at that time but, again, we are not good enough to translate the facts here without any mistakes.

FOOsuke, the first ST Champion

So we can technically say that, in 1994, FOOsuke was the first ST champion winning a major, at least in Japan. Here is a description of the player from Nohoho‘s blog:

Foosuke is referred to as “Danna” by the ST community. It’s a term of respect that, roughly speaking, means “Master.” He won the first national championship, and he continues to play a mean DeeJay here and there. For many years, Foosuke has been the go-to guy for MC’ing SuperTurbo events. Also, he wrote the copy for the Yoga Book Hyper that comes with The Starting Over (X-Mania Gaiden) DVD.

In addition to his Gamest cup win, Foosuke was well known in the early days as the head of an organization called The Yoga Strike Backers. Composed of various Street Fighter and Vampire champs, YSB produced a pamphlet and video called “The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga” (i.e., the original Yoga Book.) They did some work for Micom BASIC, too, including writing the 2p vs. strategy for the “All About Street Fighter Zero” mook.

Foosuke commentating X-Mania Gaiden Tournament in 2005

Fortunately, 1994 Gamest Cup was the first one we found on a 6 part video (maybe the first tournament recorded directly from a cabinet ever?). The matches are all decided in one single game except for the finals which is a FT5. Unlike the typical Japanese style we are used in ST, most players use several characters for counter picking in this tournament. FOOsuke doesn’t even use DJ in the final confrontation. In the list of players there is no one that sounds familiar except Onuki, however, Nohoho insists that he is not the Ohnuki player that we all know.

Player list of the final stage: Sakai 坂井, Fujimatsu 藤松, Matsuo 松尾, Endo 遠藤, Tsuchida 土田, Taguchi 田口, Fune-dai 船大, Kimura 木村, Onuki 大貫, Yamauchi 山内, FOOsuke (Kato) 加藤, Ikuradon 奥西.

Tachikawa, the Japanese Tomo Ohira

As it happened with Tomo Ohira in the USA, Tachikawa (the 1992 Gamest Cup champion) achieved a legendary status in the 90s. We don’t know many details about it. Apparently, Tachikawa was able to master any of the characters of the game. According to Nohoho‘s blog:

Tachikawa is often referred to as the greatest SF2 player ever. His trademarks included a mind-blowing combo ability as well as a ruthless corner trap.

Daigo repeatedly praised him and he even gave Tachikawa a 2 hour interview (4 parts) on his Youtube channel in 2016. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any translation of it.

Tachikawa and Daigo on BeasTV

As a fun fact, both Daigo and Nuki started their legendary paths in the Gamest Cup 1997 with Vampire Savior. They faced each other in the finals and Daigo took it. Gamest Cup was featuring a different game each year (whatever was hottest at the moment) up until 1998 when Gamest Cup was discontinued. Capcom kept organizing national events after that though.

The 3 legends never quit… kind of

The year 2000 was a turning point for ST since many majors were born that year like X-Mania, the Master Secret Cup or the Neyagawa ABC Championships. Between 1994 and 2000 tournaments weren’t as organized or as big and very few of them have been rescued from the VHS tapes.

FOOsuke himself edited a video with some rounds from one of those tournaments of the mid 90s and in 2010 Nohoho uploaded it to youtube. The 3 Gamest Cup legends are in there, FOOsuke, Tachikawa and Kiyofuji (playing as Seidou) but this time many of the players in the tournament sound familiar to us: Shogatsu Honda, Mori Boxer, Muteki Guile, Jenety Chunli. We recommend to see the video on youtube since we just added annotations with timestamps as a comment.

It’s fun to see how both Shogatsu and Jenety use the new version of their characters instead of the old ones that they play nowadays. However, Jenety still shows his unique style of not using any fireballs with ChunLi.

In 2015, FOOsuke gave an extensive interview to Shogatsu (part 1, part 2, part 3) where he talks a lot about ST in the 90s but we don’t have any translations of that interview either.

Up until recently, there was a video on youtube of a 1996 tournament in Osaka where we could already see the grandmasters from that area. Otochun, Aniken, Tsuji, ShootingD, Mayakon, Shigaken, Kusumondo and Yuuvega (he used to live there before moving to Tokyo). The video is already gone but we were able to rescue a couple of images.

Yes, that’s young Otochun
They started using h2h setups by removing one of the controllers instead of using single controller panels

The return of the legends

Since the end of the 90s the 3 Gamest Cup winners have been pretty much inactive. One of the main highlights of X-Mania 16, in 2015, was that the 3 of them were returning to a major and on the same team as “Dream team 20 years ago”. Unfortunately, ASTEKA Blanka OCVed them in style on their first match (minute 2:40:07 of this video)

Dream team: FOOsuke as DST Kato, Ao Tachikawa and Kiyofuji as Simpsons Kiyofuji

The reason why Kiyofuji mentions the Simpsons in his name is because during the 90s he decided to always wear a Simpsons t-shirt so people could recognize him easily.

In 2016, Daigo organized a special “FIGHTING GAMERS Cup: Tournament of Super Turbo Legends!” where he invited Tachikawa to play as well as other players like Nuki, Yaya, Cameraya and Kurahashi.

Now in 2018, you will be able to see FOOsuke (1994 Gamest Cup) and Nakano Sagat (1993 SNES nationals) at CEO, almost 25 years after their prime.

Final note

There might be some facts we got wrong or mistranslated. We still don’t know the reason behind FOOsuke or Nakano Sagat attending CEO. We don’t have any translations of the many interviews we linked in this article which would probably bring more accurate facts and stories. So, for any help, suggestions or corrections please let me know on twitter.

Sources: Nohoho blog, Saikyou wiki, Shogatsu’s tournament results

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X-News Week #33 (June 4th-10th, 2018)

For those watching a lot of ST on Youtube here are some tips to forward and rewind a movie easily:

  • On your mobile phone app: double tap either on the left or right part of your video to forward or rewind 10 seconds. Keep tapping to move the video even further.
  • On your desktop browser: once your mouse focus is on the video use the left or right arrow keys to forward or rewind 5 seconds. Press ‘L’ to forward 10 seconds.

North America

  • The big news of the week is that Komoda Blanka has been confirmed as the second Japanese invite to Tournament of Legends III. It will be the first time the legendary Blanka goes to America for a tournament.
  • TFC (NC) opened early bird registration last week and now it’s been confirmed as a Tournament of Legends III qualifier. More info
  • Monday Night Fightcade had RenoMD Dictator as the first person to earn a spot in the final top 8 that will take place in a few weeks to decide the Tournament of Legends III qualifier. Eltrouble and Millertime were on the mic to commentate. Bracket | Video. The second person to win the a spot in the top 8 is being played on their stream by the time of this publication with the following standings.
  • Free Play Arcade (TX) uploaded more videos of their recents Tuesday Night Fights. You can also watch some of the clips they have highlighted from their streams.
  • Texas will be hosting an ST tournament @ the Kumite event with the help of some of the organizers of the Free Play tournament. You can register already on their smash page.
  • Game Center in Belmont (CA) will be hosting monthlies again featuring ST. More info
  • Defend the North tournament (NY) has been announced and they will have ST in some shape of form. More details soon on their website.



  • Stunfest official channel posted the videos of the recent edition from few weeks ago.
  • The LNS group in Spain run their first ST tournament with most of the players who attended FOF 2018 and with the creators of Fightcade as guests so they could explain some details about the platform. The final was between Rax Ryu and only88 DJ. The content is in Spanish. Video | Bracket


  • Argentina tournaments are becoming more and more frequent. The last tournament was streamed on the Fighters Argentina channel. The final was between Psikyo Dictator and Morkman_Freeman Boxer. The content is in Spanish. Video | Bracket
  • Bob Sagat, created two more ST animations as he did with DJ a few weeks ago. This time is the turn of Cammy and T. Hawk.
  • Power Button channel has created the first episode of a tutorial series where he will go through mid to low chars in ST. Dictator was his first choice and the video goes in detail about the frame data of the character.
  • Entertaining video from ScrewAttack where they rank the top SF2 versions. ST is ranked #1 so they know what they are talking about.

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The Second Japanese Invite for TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III is the legendary Komoda!

Yes, the Grandmaster, the Blanka legend himself, Komoda is coming to TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III!

Komoda is considered one of the original ST Grandmasters, the best Blanka in the world and is a former X-Mania champion. He even had this amazing video tribute put together for him:

TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III takes place at Canada Cup 2018 on November 26-28, 2018 with Super Turbo players from around the globe attending. If you can’t attend a local qualifier, you can still participate in one of the Last Chance Qualifiers at CC 2017 and earn a spot in ToL3! More detailed information with the list of qualifiers and upcoming qualifiers can be found at the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III page.

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1950!


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The Fall Classic Joins As A TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier!

We are excited to announce that The Fall Classic is joining as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III qualifier! A big thank you to Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon and Eric “Big E” Small for helping us set up this qualifier. The Fall Classic takes place September 28-30, 2018 in Raleigh, NC. For more information and to register, visit The Fall Classic website.

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1300!


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X-News Week #32 (May 28th-June 3rd, 2018)

North America

  • The release of 30th Anniversary has taken over most of the events and time of those who have tested the game. Several player’s stream channels like lordjimmybones, damdai_unessential, rekkaken76, rockmanexe1, nycfurby (& IFixMachine), to name a few, have spent a bunch of hours testing the game. You can check their archive section if you are interested.
  • After the big success of the Spring Series tournament organized by Free Play earlier this year, there is already the announcement for the 2019 edition called ‘Wide World of Fighting Games’. They promise it will be bigger and better. There are few more details in the announcement site.
  • There have also been a few tournaments that decided to give 30th Anniversary a first try. For instance, WNF went to main stage and got streamed at LevelUp (part 1: minute 2:13:09. Part 2: minute 4:52:52). The finals were between Alex Valle and eltrouble. Bracket
  • The Gaming Zone in Arizona also organized a tournament on 30th Anniversary with Fromo Blanka as the main guest.  Stream (minute 2:03:25)
  • Too old for this sh*t is a tournament run in Las Vegas which will also be running their tournament on 30th Anniversary by the end of this month.
  • There is a very interesting casuals stream on LevelUp channel between Alex Valle, Damdai, CigarBob and LordJimmyBones playing in the same 30th Anniversary lobby.
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #80 weekly event last week. The final was between Real Decoy and H-ZeroBracket | Video | Leaderboard.
  • Monday Night Fightcade has started, just by the time this article is published, their first ToL3 online qualifier. The brackets are already available. This will be week 1 of a total of 8 parts.
  • TFC 2018 has opened early bird registration for their big tournament in September.


  • For some reason or another Capcom has announced that the official release of 30th Anniversary in Japan has been moved to fall.
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto), Kawasim Dhalsim and Nikaiten Boxer were the team captains. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Gamespot Versus weekend tournament (Kanto). The format this week consists of two big teams facing each other. Each player can lose twice with a different character each time.
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Ken Dictator and Nia Honda.
  • A FT5 coming from GameSpot Versus (Kanto): Yuuzuru DeeJay vs Nikaiten Boxer (video).
  • North vs South tournament from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). With Komoda Blanka as guest. If you want to see Komoda back at his highest level watch the end of this video where he faces Otochun and Kusumondo in the final games.
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. May 26 tournament | May 30 tournament


  • Fist of the Notts tournament will be finally taking place this weekend in Nottingham, UK. More info
  • LaDoseNet published the videos and results or their last monthly ranking battle with 23 participants and with a final between Bansheebot Blanka and Isimorn Claw. Videos (part 1, part 2) | Bracket


  • Capcom has released another high level tutorial about Street Fighter 2 (and Super Turbo) mechanics as part of their SF Seminar Series. Highly recommended read.
  • SRK has posted an introduction article to Super Turbo for those coming from SF4 and SF5. However, there are several mistakes in the article as some players have pointed out, specifically: “tick throws can only be stopped with reversal special” (correction: they can also be counter thrown), “normals can’t be cancelled into supers with the exception of renda cancelling” (correction: that only applies to a very few situations involving jab or short but not normals in general), “Wake-up throw loses to meaty” (correction: not true unless meaty is spaced outside of throw range)
  • We forgot to post the STNotW (ST Normal of the Week) of two weeks ago. In this case it was about Blanka’s slide. This completes the “slide month” which covered Dictator’s, DJ’s, Dhalsim’s, Claw’s and Blanka’s slides. If you missed any of the past articles you have a full list to check them out. Fudd also announced last week that STNotW will be taking a small break for now.

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X-News Week #31 (May 21st-27th, 2018)

North America

  • Another week another qualified player for Tournament of Legends III. This time from the Combo Breaker tournament which had 113 signed up players. Players who made it to top 8: Millertime Honda, Silentscope Cammy, LordJimmyBones Boxer, Mr Igloo Boxer, Immortal Claw, JigglyNorris FeiLong and the grand final between eltrouble Dhalsim and Alex Valle Ryu. Footage coming from the stream archive: Pools | Top 24 (minute 10:10:00) | Top 8 (minute 2:27:10 with James Chen on the mic) | Brackets | Updated ToL3 poster
  • Combo Breaker also hosted the exhibition tournament of 30th Anniversary. Unfortunately, Daigo wasn’t able to make it for health reasons. ST was featured in quarters between Ricky Ortiz and ShinJn whereas the grand final was between Alex Valle and Justin Wong playing Alpha 3. Video
  • All the aforementioned news were not as big as the real news of the week. Eltrouble and Millertime got engaged on Combo Breaker stage. Some of the tweets with pictures and videos of the magic moment are referenced in the latest STRevival results post. There is the live moment captured in the twitch archive (minute 4:06:40)
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #79 weekly event. The final this week was between x64 and H-ZeroBracket | Video | Leaderboard.
  • Monday Night Fightcade will also start their qualifiers for Tournament of Legends III next week (June 4). Email to get on the pre-registration list.



  • Extra Life Café in Paris is organizing a 30th anniversary launch party with both PS4 and arcade setups for ST. It will happen on Friday, June 1st.
  • Justin Wong confirmed he will be participating in the Tournament of Legends III qualifier at the VSFighting event in the UK. Registration
  • The small Spanish community run their monthly online tournament on Fightcade. Brackets


  • Everyone is hyped this week about the upcoming 30th Anniversary release. We are looking forward to seeing accurate input lag test results.
  • A new version of Fightcade 2 was released (still in beta) with improvements on netcode and performance.

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Eltrouble and Killer Miller Steal the Show at Combobreaker 2018

The hype was there for Combobreaker 2018, which was featuring 113 entrants for the Super Turbo TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III qualifier and the grand finals did not disappoint with a thrilling set between eltrouble and Alex Valle. Eltrouble clutched out a narrow victory but then this happened:

Congratulations to eltrouble for winning Combobreaker 2018 and qualifying for TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III and congratulations to Eugene and Tania for becoming training partners for life!

Entrants: 113
Video: TwitchTV

1. eltrouble (Dhalsim)
2. Alex Valle (Ryu)
3. Silentscope (Cammy)
4. LordJimmyBones (Boxer)
5. Killer Miller (Honda)
5. JigglyNorris (Fei-Long)
7. Immortal (Claw)
7. Mr. Igloo (Boxer)

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1300!


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