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SF 25th Anniversary LA Qualifiers Top 16

Top 16 for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Los Angeles Qualifier:

Top 16 will begin Sunday at 10AM PST. The top two qualifiers will advance to the Grand Finals on December 8th in San Francisco.

Pool Winners Bracket Losers Bracket
1 John Choi (Ryu / O. Sagat) EG | PR Balrog (Boxer / Chun-Li)
2 AGE | SnakeEyez (Zangief) MonGoloRoboKop (Chun-Li)
3 EG | Justin Wong (O. Sagat) Ryan
4 Buktooth (Chun-Li) Jason Cole (Dhalsim / O. Sagat)
5 Shotosallday (Dee Jay) Vestax (Boxer)
6 kuroppi (E. Honda) EG | fLoE (Ryu / O. Sagat)
7 DGV (Ryu) Thrust07 (Claw)
8 LU |Alex Valle (Ryu) ultracombo (O. Sagat)

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X-MANIA Europe 3: The Final Announcement

An announcement for X-MANIA Europe 3 was posted on the Neo-Arcadia French message board. Titled, X-Mania Europe 3: The Final, it appears that this will be the final X-Mania Europe. It will take place May 17-19, 2013 and two unannounced Japanese players have already confirmed their attendance: one “regular” and one “newcomer”. Also, the announcement hints that they will try to arrange a US team of three to attend and participate.

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Gamespot Versus 10.16.12

The latest GameSpot Versus East vs West battle videos from October 16th, courtesy of supersf2turbo.


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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary – Brazil Qualifier Results

Tokido wins the ST (HDR Classic) Brazil Qualifier for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament. Tokido joins Laugh, Damdai and AfroLegends in the finals to be held on December 8th in San Francisco.

For more information on this tournament, go to

Date: October 13-14, 2012
Location: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Entries: 4 Finalists
Video: Twitch TV
Brackets: N/A

Name Character

Tokido Claw

Wall-Garants Chun-Li / Claw

Belotadentro Claw / Chun-Li /Ryu

Cle E. Honda / Claw

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Gamespot Versus 10.09.12

The latest GameSpot Versus East vs West battle videos from October 9nd, courtesy of supersf2turbo.



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Thunder Beast Cup 2012 Results

After a hiatus last year, one of Japan’s big tournaments, Thunder Beast Cup returned this past Sunday. 51 players (17 teams) showed up with Otochun, ARG, and Morioaa taking the championship.

Date: October 7, 2012 日時 2012年10月7日
Location: Nagoya, JAPAN 地区 名古屋
Entries: 17 Teams 参加者 17チーム
Video: TwitchTV ビデオ TwitchTV
Brackets: N/A トーナメント表

Name Character

Otochun Chun-Li

ARG Claw

Morioa Boxer

Yondaime Sagat

The Superstar Boxer

MAO Claw

Nakamu Blanka

Roku E. Honda

HAS Fei Long

オトチュン 春麗

ARG バルログ

森オアー バイソン

四代目 サガット

ザ☆スーパースター バイソン

MAO バルログ

ナカム~ ブランカ

ロク 本田

HAS フェイロン

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Registration is open for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Los Angeles Qualifier

Registration is open for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Los Angeles Qualifier on Oct 20-21st and will be held at the Proud Bird. Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (Classic Edition) will be one of the games featured as well as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Street Fighter x Tekken and Street Fighter III: Online Edition.
Click here to register for the Los Angeles Qualifier.

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Some tournament news from across the pond. 🙂

Attention fight fans! Grand Master Challenge will be presenting the whole Super Street Fighter II Turbo experience at Play Expo. On Saturday GMC will be running two tournaments with free entry, both using revisions of the original SSF2T.

At 14:00 there will be a 16-player knockout on SSF2T HD Remix on the XBOX 360. Then at 16:00 another tournament will take place on the arcade game Hyper Street Fighter II, which allows players to select any character from the series.

On Sunday comes the main event – Super Street Fighter II X (Arcade). This tournament has a 5 entry fee and will be run in Double Elimination style, with cash prizes for the top 3 competitors. Players are already confirmed from around the UK, making this one of the toughest tournaments of the year. The winner of this will be surely be able to make the claim of being the Grand Master of SSF2T!

Saturday is designed to be more of a casual day of playing, sharing strategies and getting to know the community of players. Sunday is going to be tough, but casual play will be available all weekend to sharpen up your skills for what promises to be one of the UK’s greatest Street Fighter tournaments.

Due to these tournaments having a capped numbers of entrants, players can reserve their place in advance for all three tournaments. This is being logged through the official GMC Forum so please head over there if you wish to participate in this exciting series of challenges. No money is needed at this time, and should all places not be taken up prior to the show, registration will also be available on the day.

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New ST Revival Store

We’ve moved the ST Revival store to a new site. The prices are a little higher than before but the selection of apparel, styles, and colors are much greater now.


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