Super Arcade Qualifiers Results and Thanks!

Congratulations to AfroLegends and DGV for winning the Super Arcade tournaments and qualifying for TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS! DNGR S PAPERCUT made a valiant effort but came up short in both finals. Full results and brackets will be posted soon.

In the meantime, you can watch the recorded stream archives here:

Time for thanks!

Old school Mike Watson for letting us run this event at Super Arcade. This was my first time there and I was pretty blown away at how many people support this arcade. Between the ST tournament, the SFxTekken tournament and random other people playing other games, there must have been over a hundred people there. Incredible!

Commando over at IE Battlegrounds for providing such a top notch stream. We were planning on setting up a stream for this but it wouldn’t have compared to the quality that he was able to do. Please follow him at to help support his stream and let him improve and continue his streaming!

MuffinMan for setting up this qualifier and running the show.

Eltrouble, MillerTime, and the number of others who provided stream commentary throughout the day.

All the familiar faces and new ones for coming out and supporting ST! You guys rock!