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1 Year of X-News. Super Turbo around the world 2017-2018

1 year: October 23rd, 2017 – October 28th, 2018

My motivation

X-News started on October 30 2017, just after Canada Cup 2017. My first goal with such publication was to connect the several small scenes of the game that many times miss each other news and have no clue what’s going on at the other side of the ocean. Still, English publications are not very accessible to the Japanese community but I already heard some players who follow us and praise the effort.

A side effect of having this publication is that compilations like this can be done relatively easy. Unfortunately, we know how twitch archive works so many links were broken and had to be fixed, if possible. We strongly encourage all TOs to back up all tournament footage to youtube. Also, don’t start a youtube channel if you are not planning to keep it accessible ‘forever’.

The structure of the X-News has been always the same: America, Japan, Europe and Others sections. A bullet list format but with a small summary so you know what the content behind the links is. Player names always in bold. If there are youtube videos that are accessible (instead of twitch or niconico) then the links to the original sources are also posted. We are going to break all these rules in this special post though.

Before going with the annual summary I want to specially thank XGamerz and the mysterious owner of the SSF2T channel (we only know he is from Brazil) for their constant work of keeping all the information organized and available for the community. Thanks to the TOs in Japan for allowing us to re-post their content, prioritizing accessibility over copyright. Thanks Kuroppi for making STRevival the home of the X-News. Needless to say, thanks to all the TOs and contributors around the world for sending me information about their events and for posting them mainly on facebook which makes my work less complicated. Also, thanks Papasi, just because.

Warning to mobile users: open youtube links below with the browser instead of the youtube app. Otherwise some links with search filters and direct timestamps won’t work.

Links marked with [JCC] have James Chen commentary.


Best News of the year

Old school legends showing up to tournaments

AfroLegends coming back from retirement since 2014

Other great facts

Worst News of the year

Japanese arcades closing:

  • Yokohama’s Mat Mouse arcade in Tokyo (staff now works at Bigmouth arcade).
  • Ikebukuro’s Ramble Plaza in Tokyo (Update: apparently Mikado owns the arcade now so it was an owner change only).
  • Amuseum Kusatsu Game Center located between Osaka and Nagoya.


Capcom being more active than other years


Majors around the world

Other majors

Majors in Japan

Other special events in Japan

Online tournaments

Weekly events

Monthly events

Other streamed gatherings – irregular

FTX series



Documentaries related to Super Turbo



Community projects

Hardware projects


Combo videos and compilations



Final Note

Several years in the past had plenty of memorable events, like in 2014 when it was the 20th anniversary of the game, but nobody put those facts together and not many people remember the many things that happened. I didn’t want that to happen again.

I hope these publications give a better perspective to the pessimists about the many things that are going on with ST which is far from dead, as they say.

Our community and numbers can’t be compared to modern e-sport communities but having a smaller community has also advantages. We are strongly bound to the arcade hardware and a generation from the 90s so we don’t know how much longer this will last so let’s enjoy every bit of it in the meantime.

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X-News Week #56 (November 12th-18th, 2018)


  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #104 weekly event with x64 and kela420 in the finals. Bracket | Video
  • The crew in Argentina had a 3 day event with 6 different tournaments. The only retro game of the event was ST and it was all streamed. Video


  • The team tournament at Space Shuttle (Chubu) is not a weekly event anymore but they run them from time to time as a special occasion. Most strong players from the area were present, the top Cammys Tasaka and Sawada, the top Ryus Futachan and Gotoh and a final exhibition between MAO and ARG. Also with Nakamu Blanka as guest. Video
  • Two FT5 coming from MAO-db at Space Shuttle arcade (Chubu). Opemai Claw vs Yondaime Old Sagat (video). ZTT Zangief vs Futachan Ryu (video).
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto). East vs West format. Nakamu Honda and Koemon Feilong as team captains. With the return of Atomic Boy Zangief (aka Toutanki Hawk) with his characteristic strategy of going for the super in 90% of his rounds. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Gamespot Versus special weekend tournament (Kanto). 2vs2 format. With the final: Gucchi Ryu and Choshu Ken vs PECO Old Ken and Toukon ChunLi. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV twitch channel – live stream every Saturday night (Japan time)]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #104 from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Kusumondo Honda and Otochun ChunLi face each other in the decisive match. Player name annotations on screen both in Japanese and English. [source: Shogatsu’s youtube channel – live stream every Monday night – Japan time)]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Den Boxer and Kawasim Zangief. Annotations in video description. [source: Daytona twitch channel – live stream on Friday nights (Japan time)]
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. November 2 edition and November 9 edition. No annotations. [source: Playland twitch channel]


  • First attack crew in France had their monthly Ranking Battle (season 2). Results: Pe1Port, Pierrot and SonicSan. Bracket | Videos (hosted on fb)
  • The last ranking battle event at Extra Life Cafe in Paris (France) had a final between Karot Blanka and Collux Zangief. Stream video

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X-News Week #55 (November 5th-11th, 2018)


  • The guys at Free Play in Texas have set the dates for their biggest tournament of the year and one of the biggest in ST, as it happened last year, with Japanese invite, great prices and great production. It will happen at Free Play Arlington Arcade on April 12-14, 2019. The tournament called FPA WWFG will open its registration on January 2019. More information
  • Their other arcade in Texas, Free Play Richardson, will have a 2vs2 tournament on their Tuesday Night Fights (11/20) in celebration of their new Versus City with ST. Any reason is a good excuse to run a tournament. It will be at 7.30pm (Texas time). Stream
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #103 weekly event with x64 and Read Decoy in the finals. Bracket | Video


  • Another FT10 from the Kemonomichi series run at Space Shuttle arcade (Chubu) hosted at MAO-db channel. Gotoh Ryu vs the legendary ARG Claw. It also includes some extra commentary at minute 23:19 (in Japanese)
  • A Kumite coming from Gamespot Versus (Kanto) of Toukon ChunLi, one of the most under rated ChunLis in the Japanese scene but definitely one of the top ones. The Kumite format, in this case, lets him play each opponent until he gets the win against them. Annotations are in video description and also a little interview at the end of the clip (video).
  • Gamespot Versus weekly team tournament (Kanto). East vs West format. Kawamata Ryu and Kawasim Dhalsim as team captains. Annotations in video description. [source: GSV youtube channel]
  • Game Newton Ooyama special team tournament (Kanto). 3vs3 team tournament with great performances from VIPER Hawk and Kawasim Dhalsim. Annotations in video description. [source: Ooyama nico channel]
  • North vs South weekly team tournament #103 from the HL-SEGA arcade (Kansai). Kusumondo Honda and Murasaki Dictator face each other in the decisive match. Player name annotations on screen both in Japanese and English. [source: Shogatsu’s youtube channel – live stream every Monday night – Japan time)]
  • #79 monthly tournament at Ko-hatsu arcade (Kansai). Unfortunately, no brackets nor annotations. Video [source: Kohatsu twitch channel – live stream of 2X once a month]
  • Game Daytona Shiki weekly tournament (Kanto). With their usual “winner stays on” format. There are always 2 laps. This week’s final is between Tomoza Boxer and Haru KING Honda. Annotations in video description. [source: Daytona twitch channel – live stream on Friday nights (Japan time)]
  • Playland F1R 2on2 tournament (Tohoku). From the remote arcade in the very far north of Japan. October 27 edition with annotations in video description. And October 31 edition with no annotations. [source: Playland twitch channel]


  • The popular French Youtuber Benzaie has published several episodes of his gaming experience in Japan. One of those episodes is dedicated to 2X where he meets NicoFromTokyo and goes through some training for the final test against the game grandmasters at the weekly Gamespot Versus. Content in French. Video
  • HFSPlay have released a trailer of their big tournament for 2019 which will include the 2X tournament called FactorX. Unfortunately, they confirmed they can’t guarantee a recording of the whole tournament and only few games in the finals are likely to be streamed.
  • An FT5 between Forteuropa Dictator (from Sweden) and Myco Boxer (from France) over Fightcade. (video)
  • The next ranking battle event at Extra Life Cafe in Paris (France) has confirmed the guest visit of Isimorn from Lyon. November 18. Event info
  • At the time of this writing, Well Playd Winter is running their ST tournament in Newcastle (UK), not sure if anything will be recorded though.
  • The Spanish community made their first attempt to stream their monthly tournament. This time with a final between Marcade Honda and Christianbko Claw. Annotations on video description. Video | Bracket


  • BornFree uploaded to youtube the ST training session he had with James Chen a while back. It has many interesting moments and stories in the conversation including all the questions James Chen answers that many people coming from other games might have as well. Video

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X-News Week #54 (October 29th-November 4th, 2018)


  • Tournament of Legends III top 32 offstream matches have been posted on youtube. They are the matches from the losers bracket. Annotations in video description. Video | Bracket
  • A series of FT5 between top players who were at ToL3 have been posted on youtube. They mostly occurred post event on Sunday night. Ultracombo New Sagat vs Komoda Blanka (video), Damdai Old Ryu vs Mattsun Old Ken (video), DonYann Ken vs KillerMiller Honda (video), Kusumondo Honda vs eltrouble Dhalsim (video), Makiri Ken vs KillerMiller Honda (video), Ultracombo New Sagat vs Mattsun Ken (video), Murasaki Dictator vs Zoolander DeeJay (video). Plus some extra casuals (video).
  • Upcoming uploads very soon: missed top 32 matches due to stream disconnections.
  • Free Play Arcade run the 24 hour marathon for the charity event last weekend. The ST tournament was part of it and it had 57 players (!!). The final was between Yuuki and NounStream (starts at 12:46:00, be aware it’s a 24 hour video) | Bracket
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #102 weekly event with x64 and Scuzbucket in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • An FT5 between Forteuropa Dictator (from Sweden) and GolcarJack Guile (from the UK). (video [aspect ratio corrected])
  • The tournament at Loriol du Comtat (Avignon) from last weekend had a final between DonYann Ken and Geronimo1979 Dhalsim. Video (Top 3). No bracket.
  • The mysterious organizers from the FactorX trailer are HFSPlay, the same people that co-organized X-Mania Europe in 2018. X-Mania is a license that won’t be used anymore and FactorX is the new name. Expect it to be one of the majors in Europe in 2019 with many cabinets, top players and quality organization. First announcement
  • The guys from Navarcade who organized the Fightcade Offline Festival are bringing four H2H sets to the RetroBarcelona event (Spain) on December 1. There will be a big ST tournament there, also with some players visiting from France. Stream | Registration
  • The next ranking battle event at Extra Life Cafe in Paris (France) will be on November 18. Event info
  • Well Playd Winter event in Newcastle (UK) will have an ST event on November 17. Registration
  • In order to promote the French 2X Discord DonYann created 4 different online tournaments. One for each week from now until xmas and each of them with a different format (not revealed so far). More info

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X-News Week #53 (October 22nd-28th, 2018)


  • Tournament of Legends III last chance qualifiers. Makiri Ken, LordJimmyBones Boxer, Nakano Sagat ChunLi, Damdai Old Ryu, Alex Valle Ryu, Thelo Honda were the final qualifiers. Video (2 parts, annotations in video description) | Brackets | Full poster
  • Tournament of Legends III top 32. Video (6 parts, no annotations) | Bracket
  • Tournament of Legends III top 8. Stream (starts at 6:06:55) | Bracket | Results
  • Canada Cup 3vs3 team tournament took place on Friday. Video (up to top 3, annotations in video description) | Top 3 stream (starts at 5:35:20) | Bracket | Results
  • Upcoming uploads very soon: offstream ToL3 top 32 matches (losers bracket), missed top 32 matches due to stream disconnections, special post event FT5s where you will be able to see Ultracombo New Sagat vs Komoda Blanka, Damdai Old Ryu vs Mattsun Old Ken among other matches.
  • Previous to the event, the French players who were coming for ToL3 had a set of casuals with some Toronto local players. Atari posted the stream of the event. No sound.
  • Clips and video highlights from the tournament are already being posted like this small compilation with some Daigo moments from ToL3 or this other clip showing the silly damage of ChunLi’s throw (at the end of the clip). There is a full list of clips extracted from the stream.
  • James Chen and Ultra David interviewed (starts at 1:09:00) Atari and Millertime to talk about the ToL3 details (pre-event), they also reviewed (starts at 55:45) the results after the event.
  • LordJimmyBones Boxer probably had his best performance to date making it to the final top 8. At the same time he wanted to make a public announcement, through this X-News, that he is retiring from the game as he needs more time for other games and streaming tasks. Surely he does it on a high note due to his last performance. However, we all know that nobody ever really retires from ST.
  • As a highlight, the representation at ToL3 was really outstanding. Players who represented so many communities from Japan, Mexico, Canada, France, UK, Spain, NorCal, SoCal, East Coast, Texas and many more areas; online players who recently joined offline tournaments; old school players like Valle, Choi, or even from Japan like Nakano Sagat and Foosuke (even if it was for casuals); players coming from other games like Yuuki (3S and yoyo master) and many more others we might forget.
  • Psychochronic posted a lot of pictures of the weekend in Canada, most of them ToL3 related. Friday, Saturday and Sunday pics.
  • The community in Mexico announced a big offline tournament for 2019. For now there is only a trailer (facebook video) but no more details. Players who will be present are: djfrijoles, robbies, ar/elliot, yito2k, h-zero and many others. The location is the place you would go if you escape from a prison: Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.
  • Free Play Arcade will run a charity event on November 3 where ST and other games will be part of a 25 hour marathon for a good cause. Stream | Donation link | Event info
  • Monday Night Fightcade @ Arkadeum run their #101 weekly event with RenoMD and H-Zero in the finals. Bracket | Video



  • The guys from Loriol du Comtat (Avignon) took advantage that some French players are visiting the area on November 3 and decided to make an ST tournament with several players like Myco, DonYann, Bhaji Quan, Geronimo1979, Marcade, XavieF, GPR and Guileman. There is no stream available but top 3 video might be posted afterwards.

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Congratulations to Nuki for becoming the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III champion!

Video: Twitch

1. Nuki (Chun-Li)
2. AfroLegends (Dee Jay / Boxer)
3. Shogatsu (O. Honda)
4. ultracombo (O. Sagat)
5. Komoda (Blanka)
5. LordJimmyBones (Boxer)
7. Orf (Ryu)
7. Murasaki (Dictator)

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Canada Cup 2018 Super Turbo 3vs3 Results

Video: Twitch

1. Murasaki / ultracombo / Alex Valle
2. damdai / AfroLegends / Mattsun
3. Makiri / orf / Komoda
4. Nakano Sagat / Kusumondo / Nuki
5. RenoMD / Zoolander / Hokuto
5. Marsgatti / krost / JoshC
7. ISIMORN / Shogatsu / Yogaboy
7. Zarghatt / DonYann / Kouni

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TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III is finally here and it kicks off tonight with a special 3vs3 tournament starting at 3PM PST / 6PM EST. The event will be streamed and the stream channel will be announced later today. ToL III Pools and Top 32 will be streamed tomorrow on AtariFGC’s Twitch channel. See below for the full schedule. And finallly, Sunday’s ToL III Top 8 will be streamed on Canada Cup’s Twitch TV channel!



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XSB European Tournament Results

The most important European tournament of the year had the following results:

Solo Tournament

Video: Youtube

1. Koemon
2. Kawasim
3. Murasaki
4. TMF
5. Balcork
5. Myco
7. Orf
7. Spinalblood

Team tournament

Video: Youtube (Top 3)

1. Japan (Murasaki/Koemon/Kawasim)
2. Eurobeat (Zagi/Balcork/Spinalblood)
3. Yoga Sangria (Blackmane/DoubleU/TMF)
4. ShootingStars (Xinfu/Myco/Kazel)
5. Ta Gueule Robocop (Zarghatt/Kouni/Bansheebot)
5. Team UK (Orf/Kaosflare/KungFoo)

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Video: Twitch (starts at 2:20:00)

1. TechnicalMonkey
2. Bas
3. Psychochronic
4. Comeback368
5. Todd Dwyar
5. Superrv
7. GoldenCen
7. Megaman X

TechnicalMonkey and BAS are unable to attend the finals so Psychochronic is the player who qualifies.

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