About Super Turbo Revival

ST Revival is dedicated to preserving and promoting a generation of Super Street Fighter II Turbo competition, across the U.S. and worldwide.

— Super Turbo Revival

Our goal is to foster Super Turbo competition everywhere. We don’t do it for money, or attention, but for the love of the game. ST has the timeless, intangible qualities which enable those rare pieces of entertainment that live on and evolve years after its release, thanks to those who love them.

While we lead the charge by organizing, running and broadcasting these ST events, the players who remain hungry and compete time after time in city after city are the true heart of the community. As always, we’d like to thank the Fighting-Game Community tournament organizers across the globe for their cooperation and support to run Super Turbo at their venues. And the fans worldwide who continue to provide their support and share their excitement for the game. And special thanks to Armando, Bernie, James Chen, damdai, Delatroy, Chris Li, MillerTime, pof, Sabin, Undamned, Alex Valle, Mike Watson, Mr. Wizard, Tom & Tony Cannon, and anyone else who has helped out throughout the years who we may have forgotten.

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ST Revival Team

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