Box Arena Joins as a TOL Qualifier!

We are happy to announce that The Box Arena will be joining as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier!

When we expanded the finals to 32 back in February, we had made unannounced plans to run a qualifier at Team Madcatz Championships in San Diego, which was scheduled to take place last weekend. After the announcement last week that TMC would be postponed until after EVO, we were approached by Box Arena to move the qualifier to their location at Frubble. Frank Fresh, the director at Box Arena is an avid ST fan and Box Arena became the perfect choice to replace TMC, as Frank wants to be a part of the ST revival, they are the premiere fighting game group in San Diego and we get to keep the qualifier in SoCal, as originally planned.

The Box Arena qualifier will take place on Saturday, June 2 at 2PM. The qualifiers will be $20 to enter and is standard ST tournament format:

Double elmination
3 out of 5 games.
Akuma is banned.

Box Arena has plans to stream the qualifiers at