Box Arena & Northwest Majors ToL qualifiers are this weekend!

A reminder that the Box Arena TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier is this Saturday at 2PM PST at Frubble.

The qualifiers will be $20 to enter and is standard ST tournament format:

Double elmination
3 out of 5 games.
Akuma is banned.

Box Arena will stream the qualifiers at

A reminder that the Northwest Majors will be the site of the Pacific Northwest TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS qualifier to be held on June 2nd. The top 8 will be streamed on Sunday 12:30PM PST. at

If you’re in the area, please go support ToL, ST and NW Majors by checking it out.

Northwest Majors is a community run and organized annual event in Seattle, WA. Northwest Majors 4 information can be found at