Sako accepts invite to TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS!

Sako has accepted an invite to TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS!

Sako is a former SBO finisher in HSF2:AE (3rd place in 2007) and though he has been focusing on SFIV in recent years and more recently SFxTekken, he still is a tough competitor in ST. ?He finished 2nd at ReveLAtions last year, defeating Laugh, Alex Valle and AfroLegends along the way to face Daigo Umehara in the finals.

Sako ticks coming at you! Get ready!

There are now sevenToL spots now up for grabs to take place this Friday at EVO in the Last Chance Qualifiers. The top four from LCQ #1 will advance to the ToL Finals and the top three in LCQ #2 will advance.