Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Finals – December 8th

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Finals take place this Saturday, December 8th.  The Finals will be streamed on Capcom Fighters TwitchTV Channel.

Here are the eight finalists for Super Turbo (HDR Classic).  Kenpachi is replacing Aero Rockman, who is unable to attend.

AfroLegends Texas Qualifier
Damdai New York Qualifier
Laugh Asia Qualifier
Tokido Brazil Qualifier
John Choi LA Qualifier #1
Shotosallday LA Qualifier #2
Kenpachi Europe Qualifier
Fuzzy UK Qualifier

Also, a possible bracket leak has made it’s way around and was posted by othartheom on the SRK forums.  It’s looks like this is not a fake bracket but it’s still unclear.  There appears to be an error with a “Japan qualifier”, which does not exist and omitting one of the LA qualifiers.
For more information about the Tournament, visit

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