Interview with Riz0ne

Riz0ne, who is best known in ST circles for qualifying for SBO in 2011 and for placing top 8 at TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS last year, took the time to answer some questions in this informative interview.  He talks about ToL, his experience with ST in Japan and more.  Here’s an except from the interview:
I have this philosophy that players use characters who best resemble them. NH2 uses Blanka because his history is as mysterious as Jimmy’s. Damdai is a programmer, so his method of style is very zeroes-and-ones (you fireball, I jump. you jump, I shoryuken. I safe jump and install OS). So I use Dictator because (besides being a crime boss) nothing he does is safe and everything is improvisation. For example, often times the trajectory of the devil’s reverse is unpredictable. Once initiated you have to commit to what you’ll do in a very short period of time. Empty devil’s reverse into super, empty DR -> C. MK xx Scissors, DR -> retreat because of Jump in or FIreball, etc. Maybe that’s what my life is like–spontaneous commitment by means of making very quick decisions.
Click here to read the interview in it’s entirety.

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