Gamecenter will host Nor Cal ST GAMES Event on April 13th

We’re happy to announce that the Gamecenter in San Mateo will host a Nor Cal ST GAMES event on April 13th!
The event will be streamed by Mizuki @
The top eight finishers will earn ST GAMES points that will be applied at EVO.
1st – 5 points
2nd – 4 points
3rd – 3 points
4th – 2 points
5th – 7th – 1 point
The player with the most points at the conclusion of the ST GAMES at EVO will become the 2013 ST GAMES CHAMPION!
Special thanks to Myung (Gamecenter), Mizuki, Fudd and Papasi for help setting this event up.
Where: Game Center – 47 South B. St., San Mateo, CA
Date / Time: April 13th 2013 @ 2PM PST
Entry Fee: $10 (all towards the pot) + $3 Venue Fee
Hardware: Supergun
Format: 3 out of 5 rounds
  Double Elimination
  Akuma is Banned
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