Texas Showdown ST GAMES Tournament April 13th

This coming weekend, Texas Showdown will host the next tournament in the series of ST GAMES “qualifiers”.

The ST Tournament will be run on Astro City Japanese cabinets on Saturday April 13th at 1PM CST and Street Fighter legend, Alex Valle will be entering the tournament.  Valle already has the maximum five points earned before EVO (winning So Cal Regionals) but that will not stop him from trying to win more tournaments.  Who will stop him?

The top 8 will receive ST GAMES points for EVO:

1st – 5 ST GAMES Points
2nd – 4 ST GAMES Points
3rd – 3 ST GAMES Points
4th – 2 ST GAMES Points
5th-8th – 1 ST GAMES Point

For more information about Texas Showdown, visit the Texas Showdown website.

“Texas Showdown is Texas’ premier tournament that brings many people from the Texas and surrounding areas with intense competition and great hospitality. Players will converge in Houston for a three day event that has the fighting community’s favorite games to determine the best players in Texas.”

Special thanks to Javier “Javi” Moreno and Chris “Ranma0005” Chou for setting up this event at Texas Showdown!

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