Texas Showdown ST GAMES Results

CVital wins The Texas Showdown ST GAMES Tournament!  Thanks to Jumpsuit Jesse for the tournament updates.  Top 5 results for now but full results will be posted when I receive them.  Note: Alex Valle has already earned the maximum 5 ST GAMES points by winning So Cal Regionals so he cannot earn any more points prior to EVO.

Name: Texas Showdown ST GAMES Tournament
Date: April 13, 2013
Location: Houston, TX
Entries: 24 players
Video: N/A
Brackets: Challonge

5 ST GAMES Points

Alex Valle  

Justin Wong 3 ST GAMES Points

4th Est 1991 2 ST GAMES Points

“Jumpsuit” Jesse Cardenas 1 ST GAMES Point

5th Hoss 1 ST GAMES Point

7th Hadoken69 1 ST GAMES Point

7th RagingStormX 1 ST GAMES Point

9th James Chen  

9th Alex23  

9th Ninked  

9th XTG  

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