Super Turbo Ranking Chart 2013

Super Turbo matchup rankings have been debated since the game was released and it’s always a great topic of conversation. In addition, matchup rankings and charts continuously change over time as top players keep finding new tactics and strategies to evolve their character even more.
With Super Turbo’s recent revival, we bring you Super Turbo Ranking Chart Ver. 2013 with rankings from around the globe!
Thank you to all those who took time to participate and submit their rankings. Speical thanks to MAO and Wolmar for organizing the rankings from Japan and Europe respectively. To kuroppi, XSPR, and Zaspacer, who were heavily involved in organizing and presenting all the data. And to Nohoho for his original US ranking chart and the Japanese New Arcadia Ranking Chart.
Click here for the Super Turbo Ranking Chart 2013
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