ST GAMES Qualifier takes place this weekend at Arcade Legacy’s Darkstalkers Championship

This Saturday, the final ST GAMES Qualifier before EVO takes place at Arcade Legacy’s Darkstalkers Championship on Saturday June 15th.  The ST GAMES Qualifier will start at 12PM EST and will be a RATIO TOURNAMENT.  The top eight finishers will receive ST GAMES points which will be attributed to everyone’s overall score at EVO 2013.  For more info on the ST GAMES, visit the ST GAMES page.
Visit the Darkstalkers: Death and Rebirth Facebook page for full details on Darkstalkers: Death and Rebirth.
Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45240
REGISTRATION Darkstalkers: Death & Rebirth registration will be in-person only.
-Weekend Pass-$30, which includes automatic entry into tournaments as listed below.  You also receive unlimited access to games at Arcade Legacy for the entire weekend.

ST GAMES Qualifier – Ratio Tournament
Dante’s Inferno Single Elimination Qualifiers – Automatic Entry
Rookies’ Tournament – Selected Entry
Veterans’ Team Tournament (3-Man) – Selected Entry
SUNDAY (REBIRTH)Vampire Hunter – Automatic Entry
Vampire Savior – Automatic Entry
EXHIBITIONSCharacter Specialist 8v8
High Stakes Exhibition
Grudge Matches
SIDE TOURNAMENTS (subject to change and expansion)Windjammers – Entry Fee TBA
Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Entry Fee TBA
Guilty Gear Accent Core +R – Entry Fee TBA
X-Men vs Street Fighter – Entry Fee TBA
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