EVO 2013 ST GAMES Wrap-Up

The EVO 2013 ST GAMES is in the books and from everyone I spoke to about it, it was a great success!  Some well deserved shoutouts need to be given after an event like this:

Mr.Wizard (EVO) – For your generosity in allowing us to run ST GAMES this year.  The large ballroom and space we were given was really nice.

Armando (IEBattlegrounds) and his crew: For the awesome stream coverage on both Friday and Saturday.  I’m always amazed with all his hard work.

Bernie – Another man who put in an amazing amount of work and probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves.  Moving two H2H cabs in the Vegas heat to and from the strip  is tough work but he got it done.

Undamned – Thank you for providing your UD-CPS2s for the tournaments.  THIS is the future for ST!

Chris Li (EVO) – For all your help making the event run smoothly.   And it was a blast to form the old man team with James Chen! : )

ST Games / ST Staff (Muffin Man, DGV (Ken/Tai), Fudd, Zaspacer, eltrouble, Sergjiev, Pockyless) – These guys did all the dirty work needed to get the tournament completed on time.  Taking sign-ups, running brackets, doing commentary,  finding players, recording matches, getting the medals and payouts to the players and a whole lot of other random stuff that needed to be done.

Papasi / Fatboy / Ghaleon / Nomrah – Unfortunately, none of  them could  make it out to EVO this year but they still provided a lot of input into the planning process beforehand.

Thrust07 – Thank you so much for all your help.  I needed your great set of lungs to call out names but you did even more, helping out with brackets on Saturday.  Next time we’ll make sure to not forget our bullhorn so you can save your voice. : )

Damdai/Mikeidge – For giving up their room and hosting casuals all weekend long.  Zaspacer, Fatboy and I hosted casuals last year in our room and we know what kind of sacrifice that is.  Casual rooms are half the fun of EVO.

James Chen – For taking time out of his super busy schedule to play in a few of the tournaments and to provide commentary for as much as he could.  Your support for ST is always appreciated.

Kusumondo – Thank you again for coming out to attend our event.  Kusumondo told me that he really enjoyed the tournament and I am happy to relay that to all of his fans.  Your star power really helps boost our tournament to another level.

All the various players who hopped on to do commentary over the weekend.

All the TOs who allowed us to be a part of their tournaments throughout the year:

Alex “CaliPower” Valle (So Cal Regionals)
Eric Small (Winter Brawl)
Myung Kim (GameCenter)
Javi / Chris “Ranma” Chou (Texas Showdown)
Robin “Renegade” Palm (Civil War)
Mike Watson (Super Arcade)
John “SweetJohnnyCage” Gallagher (East Coast Throwdown)
Michael “Slash” Yu (Northwest Majors)
Jesse Baker (Arcade Legacy)

Everyone else who made the trip to EVO to play in ST GAMES, whether it be a local from Las Vegas, all the guys from Super Arcade, the East Coast crew,  to our new friend from Germany, PlanetRV and everyone in between.  The ST community is amazingly getting bigger and stronger each year.  82 registered for the Grand Finale and while I don’t have the complete numbers, nearly 90 differnet players participated in the ST GAMES tournaments in all!  Not bad for a little side tournament! 😉

There are so many people who were involved to help make the tournament what is was so hopefully I have not forgotten anyone!  And yes, we already have plans to do something bigger and better next year!  : )

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