Shibuya Kaikan Closes Down

On Aug. 18, 2013, one of the oldest game arcades in Tokyo, “Shibuya Kaikan Monaco” opened for its final business day. Many arcade game fans went to play one last round.  Shibuya Kaikan had been open since the late 70’s.

On a personal note, while this arcade wasn’t as famous for ST like Versus, Mikado, Nakano Royal, etc., I still enjoyed many games of ST here during my visits to Japan, against great players like Kurahashi, Gian, Kuni Funada, Julien Beasley and others.  And had some great stories like the infamous brawl involving Kuni and a salty Tekken player!

Another sad day for arcade lovers but it’s nice to see the love and respect players showed for the arcade and owner at the end of this video.


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