Super Turbo Weekend @ The Fall Classic! Sept 14-15

Get ready for a big weekend of Super Turbo (September 14-15) at The Fall Classic tournament in Raleigh, NC! On Saturday, there will be two exhibition tournaments including a Character Lock Tournament and a Starcup Tournament.  On Sunday, the main event happens starting at 1PM EST.  The one and only Damdai will be in attendance, as well as Krost, Rekkaken, JayFree and more.  Also, a special apperance by one of the Super Arcade elites: Shotosallday, who is attending all the way from Los Angeles!
– Sept. 14th (Saturday) – 1PM - Character Lock Tournament and Starcup Tournament
– Sept. 15th (Sunday) – 1PM – Main Event Tournament followed by special Shotosallday Kumite!
– 3/5 games, Double Elimination, Akuma is banned.
– Japanese Head-To-Head Cabinet + UDCPS2 Supergun (compatible with PS3/360 sticks/pads)
Entry Fees + Payout:
– Saturday: Character Lock Tournament $5
– Saturday: Starcup Tournament $5
– Sunday: Main Event Tournament $10
– Payout: 1st 70%/ 2nd 20%/ 3rd 10%
About The Fall Classic:
The East Coast is finally being united by four major tournament organizers, Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon, John “SweetJohnnyCage” Gallagher, Joe “LI Joe” Ciaramelli, and Eric “Big E” Small. The amount of hard work and dedication shown by these four is unmatched and will, without a doubt, be shown when they all come together September 14-15, 2013 in Raleigh, North Carolina for the first ever Fall Classic. Big plans are in store for east coast and we want YOU to show your love, not only for the coast, not only for the organizers, but for the community. This is about you! Don’t forget that these four organizers all bring something unique to the table, not to mention YEARS of experience. This is going to be the east coast done right. For anyone not familiar with some of the founders read more about The Fall Classic staff here.
We have plenty to announce so follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and stay tuned to the site because everything you need to know will be found here. Keep your eye out for pre-registration to open up and we hope to see you at the event!


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