Nakano Royal Cup Final and upcoming Tournaments

Nakano Royal Cup Final has been announced for December 8th @ 2PM (Japan Time):
– Solo 2vs2 format (each player picks 2 characters and you can pick the same character twice)
- If you use O. Sagat, you are limited to just one.
– Tournament is capped at 56 players.
– Akuma is banned.
– There is a mention of commentary by Kurose-san but no mention of a stream.  It doesn’t specify but it will likely be uploaded to YouTube as normal for Nakano Royal videos.
Also weekly events announced up until the Nakano Royal Cup Final:
11/7 – All character team battle
11/14 – Ratio tournament
11/21 – “honou no gachi” singles tournament
11/28 – Guile only tournament
12/5 – Zangief tournament