Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Coin-Op Tournament


Coin-Op Game Room in held a Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighter Tournament last night in North Park (San Diego).  It was a free entry tournament, with the winner receiving an iCade Arcade Cabinet.  STR’s Zaspacer attended and defeated Gilbert Ong in the finals to claim victory.  Zaspacer reports that there was a good turnout (28 players) and they were really into the tournament as well as the owners, and the owners are interested in making this an ongoing tournament and will possibly add another version of Street Fighter to the mix.

Coin-Op Game Room Facebook Page

Results: Entries: 28

1st: Terry Cox (zaspacer) – Guile
2nd: Gilbert Ong – Ryu
3rd: Don Bisco – Guile
3rd: Geronimo Hernandez – Guile
5th: Dennie Lee (D.Honda) – Honda?
5th: Asher – Chun Li
5th: Paul Nyguen – Ryu
5th: Matt Young – Ken
9th: Sean Thompson – Blanka
9th: John Paul Kim – Ken
9th: Tony Moralis – Bison
9th: Jordan P. – ???

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