Arcade Legacy presents Oldschool Onslaight – ToL II Qualifier April 26th

Arcade Legacy hosts the Midwest’s best gaming talent

Evolution TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier & a retrogaming gauntlet!

What: Old School Onslaught 8 retrogaming + Street Fighter 2 ST EVO qualifier

When: April 26, 2014

Where: Arcade Legacy, 662 Cincinnati Mills Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45240

Registration & Details: Old School Onslaught facebook event page

Stream Broadcast:

The road to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo world championship – TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II — will again travel through Arcade Legacy, one of America’s premier arcades, at Old School Onslaught 8, April 26, 2014. Old School Onslaught challenges gaming competitors with a litany of famous and obscure competitive videogames, showcasing Arcade Legacy’s passion for videogaming and hype events. OSO is open to anyone who loves gaming.

“You will see over 50 different classic, horrible, hilarious and sometimes almost unplayable old school fighting games,” Arcade Legacy owner Jesse Baker said. “This is ANYONE’S game.”

The winner of the Super Turbo event will earn a spot in the prestigious TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II bracket at Evolution in Las Vegas, July 12.

“Super Turbo has endured 20 years, and for its anniversary we wanted to put together an event circuit no Street Fighter fan will ever forget,” said Chris Hatala, owner of GDL Entertainment and ST Revival committee member. “Thanks to Arcade Legacy, we’re running this crazy event on a projector in the middle of a mall!

“Jesse has a knack for making all gamers feel welcome and apart of his events. We can’t wait to put this show on for the Midwest. Stay tuned for details”

Old School Onslaught 8 is a shared production by Arcade Legacy , ST Revival, and GDL Entertainment videogaming events.

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