Toryuken Joins as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II Qualifier

ST Revival welcomes Toryuken as a TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier to be held at May 18th at 2PM.   Special thanks to Unessential and Russell Ordona for helping us organize this qualifier.  Also a special thanks to A&C Games and RedPillGaming for helping sponsor the winner to get to EVO 2014!

– May 18th @ 1PM PST/4PM EST


Holiday Inn Yorkdale
3450 Dufferin St.
Toronto, ON
M6A 2V1

– Supergun

– Double elimination.
– 3/5
– Akuma is banned.

Entry fee:
– $10  Visit the Toryuken Facebook Event page for more information.  Online registration will be coming soon.  Participants who are not playing in any official tournaments can purchase a spectator pass to play in the qualifier.
– Payout TBA.