Don’s Arcade ToL II Qualifier – June 14th

Don’s Arcade will be hosting the final TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier prior to EVO on June 14th starting at 6PM PST.   There will be four H2H cabinets available for the tournament and casuals.  The tournament will be streamed by Arkadeum.  Please text  310-344-9367 if you need directions.

More Infomation:



– June 14th, 2014. Venue opens at 4PM. Tournament starts at 6PM.

– Text 310-344-9367 for address and directions.


- Japanese H2H Cabinets


– Double elimination.
– 3/5 games.
– Akuma is banned.

Entry fee:

– $10 entry fee + $5 venue fee
– Payout: 1st – 80% / 2nd – 20% / 3rd – Entry Fee (20% will go to STR to help tournament expenses for EVO)