Saltmines ToL II Qualifier Results

AfroCole defeats eltrouble in the Grand Finals of the Saltmines TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier.  Because AfroCole has already qualified at Winter Brawl, eltrouble qualifies for EVO 2014!
Next week is the Don’s Arcade ToL II Qualifier and will be the last qualifier prior to Evo!  There are currently six pools and qualifier spots available at Evo.

Name: Saltmines TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II Qualifier
Date: June 7, 2014
Location: San Diego, CA
Entries: N/A
Video: Twitch TV – Part 1Part IIPart IIIPart IV – Part V
Brackets: Challonge

1st AfroCole  Dhalsim / O. Ken / O. Sagat
2nd eltrouble  Dhalsim
3rd Zaspacer  Dictator
4th DGV  Ryu
5th kuroppi  O Honda / N Honda / Zangief / Ryu
5th DigitalInfamy  Boxer / Ryu
5th RedVenom  Ryu
5th Fatboy  Dhalsim