Super Arcade Organizing Special Tournament for the Tenth Anniversary of Daigo’s Parry

Super Arcade will be hosting a tournament to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the “Daigo Parry.”  For those of you who were there I’m sure you remember how electrifying the moment was and for those who missed out, here’s your chance to experience the hype. This tourney will be held November 21st to 23rd at the same exact location where it all began, Cal Poly Pomona’s Ursa Major Hall. Daigo “The Beast” Umehara along with Madcatz and Justin Wong have already confirmed to be in attendance.  Mike Watson has announced that tournaments will be run on Super Turbo, Capcom vs SNK, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and SF3: Third Strike.  There will many more details released in the near future but until then, start marking your calendars and plan accordingly for an event you won’t want to miss!

SRK Announcement

Super Arcade Facebook Announcement