X-MANIA XVI Solo Top 8

The X-MANIA solo tournament top 8 will be held tomorrow prior to the start of X-MANIA XVI.  The tournament was running late and had to be stopped for everyone to catch the last train.

The solo Top 8 is scheduled to start 30 minutes ahead of time 9:30PM PST / 12:30AM EST and X-MANIA 3vs3 will start after the conclusion of the solo tournament: @ http://www.twitch.tv/mikado_ssf2x

Also, UltraChenTV (James Chen and UltraDavid) plan on doing an English simulcast at http://www.twitch.tv/ultrachentv

X-MANIA solo Top 8:

Seo (Chun-Li) vs Alabama (Boxer)
Grygla (Fei Long) vs PECO (Akuma)
Murasaki (Dictator) vs Onucho (Boxer)
Komoda (Blanka) vs Toukon (Chun-Li)

Link to Video
Link to bracket

Thanks to Xgamerz and Nicofromtokyo for their help.