2015 Review by UK and Australian Super Turbo Communities

Besides the well known ST communities in Japan, US and France there are also many other communities around the world working hard to make the game even more immortal.

The UK and Australian Super Turbo communities have looked back and reviewed what 2015 has been. Full of events and achievements. Here some excerpts:

It’s been a great year for ST, with a total of 35 tournaments throughout the year, reaching all around the UK with tournaments available in 15 cities including Dublin!
Next year is the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter II. We haven’t decided exactly what we will be doing or when, but we do intend to put on an event bigger and better than the IIX 20th Anniversary, so keep your eyes open for news on that.

Full UK community review and their youtube channel.

ST is proof that so long as players are willing to come out and support their favourite titles then any game has the potential to live on regardless of its age.

Full Australian community review.

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