RIP Nohoho

It’s a sad day for the Super Turbo and fighting game community.

Nohoho, one of the most influential members of the Super Turbo scene has passed away. He is well known for his fierce Blanka, as well as his super nohoho fighter ii x website, which featured a ton of incredible Super Turbo information, especially from Japan. Though he retired his blog several years ago, it still remains an important source of translated information for players today. Many players have said that his site was the reason that they got into Super Turbo and continued to follow the scene, as his blog was the bridge between Japan and the rest of the Super Turbo community bringing information that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

He also was the inspiration for many to give back to the community, including Super Turbo Revival, to continue bringing news from Japan to the Super Turbo scene. Without Nohoho’s hard work over the years bridging the Japanese ST scene to the rest of us and keeping interest in the game, Super Turbo Revival may never have been formed and the scene likely would have died out long, long ago, during the “Dark Age of Fighting Games”.

Cheers to you, Nohoho. May you be in a better place now.

Nohoho with AFO
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