Evo 2017 Super Turbo Tournament

Eltrouble, MillerTime, and SharonasaurusX will be hosting the Super Turbo side tournament at Evo 2017!

Sharon will be streaming the tournament via her TwitchTV channel at http://twitch.tv/sharonasaurusX

Tournament Information:

  • ST will be in the BYOC section at Evo 2017 in Mandalay Bay
  • FRIDAY, July 14 : 10AM – 6PM – Casuals
  • SATURDAY July 15 : Starting at 1PM – Tournament (Singles 3/5)
  • Registration will be handled on-site. Entry fee is $10. May potentially be capped at 64 entrants depending on availability of setups.
  • Hardware: UD-CPS2 Superguns (3) with CRTs. More setups may be available.
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