Kusumondo to attend Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious!

Japanese Honda Grandmaster, Kusumondo will be attending Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious, which takes place next week, July 22nd! The tournament will be streamed by TeamSp00ky @ http://twitch.tv/teamsp00ky/.

Next Level
874 4th Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11232

Super Street Fighter 2 X (Arcade/Supergun)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade/Supergun)
Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Arcade/Playstation 2)
Capcom vs SNK 2 (Playstation 2)
Ultra Street Fighter 2 (Nintendo Switch)

4:30pm Registration opens
5:30pm Registration closes

6pm Ultra Street Fighter 2 begins
6pm Capcom vs SNK 2 begins
6:05pm Super Street Fighter 2 X begins
6:10pm Street Fighter Alpha 2 begins
6:15pm Street Fighter EX2 Plus begins

Double-elimination format
Best of 3 games to win a set

Please bring your own controller! Most USB controllers are compatible.

Venue: $10
Entry: $5 per game

8 or more entries = 70/20/10 for top 3
7 or less entries = winner takes all

More Ultra 2 Old 2 Furious information can be found at their Facebook Event Page.

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