X-News #2

News from last week:

North America

  • Results and a documentary of a new tournament in Chicago, IL called “No Drinks on the Astro City” have been posted. Bracket | Documentary
  • There are brackets and videos of the “Super Turbo for Charity” tournament at Free Play Arcade in Texas with Riz0ne taking it. Almost a 24 hour video! Bracket | Stream archive
  • A small gathering was held in Brooklyn, NY to play ST called “I Fix Machine” . Event details
  • Monday Night Fights @ Arkadeum had its #51 weekly event with a Mexican final between Hokuto and djfrijoles. BracketVideo
  • The official channel for Canada Cup has posted all the footage from the tournament including offstream and casual matches. Annotations will be coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to the channel.

Upcoming tournaments:

  • This Saturday in Buffalo, NY there’s a regional called Rumble In The Tundra 7 with ST as side tournament. Registration | Stream
  • There is an online tournament organized from Canada on November 8th with the intention of reviving the Tournament Tuesdays event. Registration
  • Jason Wilson will be hosting a tournament near Nashville, TN on Nov 11 at 5pm. Game Galaxy in Smyrna, TN is the location of the venue which has 400 arcade and pinball machines on Free Play and 30 console setups.
  • AfroLegends, Otochun, Riz0ne and Techmonkey are now confirmed to go to the Redbull Battlegrounds tournament
  • On the same day as the Redbull Tournament there will be the 2 old 2 furious event in NY with the presence of SilentScope from SoCal. Event details


  • Gamespot Newton Ooyama in a team tournament with Shal Boxer and Tomoza Dictator among others
  • Gamespot Versus East vs West weekly with Nikaiten and Kawasim as team captains
  • Game Daytona Shiki tournament with the now better known Koemon making it to the final
  • Next major is still far away (December) with the 4FOX tournament. A team tournament of 4 people each with the rule of having 2 world warriors, 1 new challenger and 1 boss character in each team.


  • Ticket sales for X-Mania Europe 5 (2018) are now open. The tournament is part of the HFS Summer which holds tournaments for 3.3 and windjammers too. Registration and info | Trailer


  • There is the aforementioned upcoming online tournament from Canada on November 8th. Registration
  • There was a small online tournament held in Spain with the intention of repeating it once a month
  • Fightcade 2 beta is now opened for accounts created up to 2016.


  • The first one of the 16 DVDs lent by Kusumondo has been posted on youtube by eltrouble with Kusumondo’s permission of course
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