Final Round ToL3 Qualifier Results

Comeback defeats Atari in the grand finals of the ToL3 Qualifier at Final Round and joins krost on the ToL3 poster!


1. Comeback (Boxer)
2. Atari (Guile)
3. Rekkaken (CouldBeASetup) (Ryu / O. Ken)
4. Happy_Medicine
5. Gen-An
5. brentiscool
7. Demon of the Mist
7. ShinBlanka
9. Shidoshi_Tony
9. Geo
9. onethreefour
9. D.U.N.C
13th Comma
13th KSU Abstract
13th Wally
13th TheReflexWonder
17th Liddy
17th Dr M
17th Bryan Phillips
17th Scribe24
17th Snake Eyez
17th GenralMidwest