Registration for the EVO Super Turbo ToL III Qualifier is live!

This event is a qualifier for TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III (taking place at Canada Cup from October 26-28). Top 8 of the event will be streamed on the official EVO side stage!


Schedule (All times are PDT):
– Main tournament begins 2PM on Friday, August 3rd.
– Top 8 finals will be played on the official EVO side stage from 1:00pm to 2:30pm on Saturday, August 4th.

– Pre-registration is available, but the entry fees will be collected on-site. CASH-ONLY!
– The pre-registration price is $10. But the onsite price is $40 ($10 to prize pool and $30 to the TOL expense fund). So please pre-register now!
– Players must complete their registration by checking into the event with the tournament organizer by 12:15pm.
– The tournament will take place in the BYOC room. More information coming soon.

– UD-CPS2 Superguns with CRT monitors

– Pools: AtariFGC
– Top 8: Evo Stream

– Akuma and O.Gief glitch banned
– If players disagree on a stage, they can flip for it. Winner gets to repick the stage only ONCE.
– Double elimination.
– All matches are 3/5 games.

– $10 game entry via pre-registration on this page (participants must also register for player badges at EVO to have access to the BYOC (bring your own console) area.
– $40 onsite, with $10 going to the prize pool and $30 going to the TOL expense fund. So please, pre-register now!

– As a TOL qualifier, this will be winner-takes all.
– ** In the event the winner cannot attend TOL, the the next-placed player will qualify. **

For more information about TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III, visit the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III page.

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