Tournament of Legends III videos

A few weeks ago some never seen videos from ToL3 (2018) were published on David Bibona’s channel.

These are the videos released:

  • Full footage of ToL3 top 32
  • Full footage of ToL3 LCQ (Pool 1-6)
  • As part of the same event, full footage of Canada Cup 2018 3vs3 team tournament
  • Small ToL3 casuals video

All of the above are listed at the bottom part of the ToL3 playlist:…

Also as additional tasks:

  • Added annotations to Canada Cup 2016 re-uploaded video (the one with the ghost fb moment)
  • Added annotations to part 2 of extensive CC2017 casuals video
  • Fixed broken links of brackets across all the Canada Cup editions

All above listed at:…/UC3DyAkJPkJsQ-iJaR6aN1sA/search…

Personal hightlights/upsets from ToL3:

  • Zarghatt, Makiri and ORF OCVs & almost-OCVs from Valle and Komoda in the team tournament.
  • Tania vs Kusumondo, UC vs Murasaki, LordJimmy vs Komoda, Damdai vs Umehara in the ToL3, and the whole top 8.

As a final note. It seems that youtube has added the feature of visualizing the timestamp annotations right into the player timeline.

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