Head Tournament Organizer

David “Atari” Bibona grew up in New Jersey, and relocated to Toronto in 2008. Growing up in the 90s, he was a big fan of many NES and Genesis games. When Street Fighter 2 in its various iterations began appearing at video rental stores, bowling alleys, supermarkets, and shopping malls everywhere in the early 90s, he immediately became a huge fan and played the series both on arcade cabinets and on home console ports, though being quite young at the time, this was focused on the casual rather than competitive scene.

He picked up ST competitively in 2016, and after befriending eltrouble and Miller Time at EVO, he followed their advice and began working within his local ST community in Toronto to grow the scene. Atari has been traveling extensively to local and major tournaments across the US both as a participant and as an organizer, with the goals of meeting new people, making new friends, and growing the community.