Bob “kuroppi” Painter is one of the first generation of Street Fighter players still invovled in the scene today. Known for his yellow E. Honda, he has competed in various tournaments over the years from the a.g.sf2 days, EVO, and even in the first Super Battle Opera in 2003. As the fighting game scene stagnated in the mid 2000′s, he found other interests outside of Street Fighter but that proved to only last a few years. The advent of GGPO and HD Remix brought him back to the scene that he loves and hasn’t left yet.

A psychology major at San Diego State University, he took a different career path, deciding to go into designing video games and worked on EverQuest for 15 years and now is focusing on Front End Web Development. He organized four large tournaments at EVO between 2012 and 2014 (Tournament of Legends, ST Games, Tournament of Legends II and X-Mania USA). He designed the ST Revival website and maintains it, also does the graphic design work. Though he has retired from organizing tournaments, he still enjoys being a part of ST Revival and giving back to the community that he has been a part of for so many years. He has passed the torch for tournament duties over to eltrouble.