Community Manager

Yogaboy found out about the ST scene on Youtube while living in San Francisco in 2012. Around those days he also found out about the 25th Street Fighter Anniversary tournament finals that was taking place near San Francisco so he went to see that tournament live. He got hooked immidiately with the ST community, its retro aspect from the arcade era, its mix of new and old generations, etc.

Knowing that his skills and dexterity wouldn’t take him very far in competition he prefered to focus on organization tasks for the community. After going back to Barcelona in 2014 Yogaboy run into his university friend ‘pof’ and told him everything about the ST scene. Pof got hooked and built Fightcade in order to save the online community after the death of GGPO.

Yogaboy tries to help STRevival on technical tasks and also providing some content. He also tries to document all his learnings from the Japanese scene on Goukipedia, a website about the game he created himself.