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37 Reloaded Super Turbo Results

Congratulations to AfroLegends for winning the 37 Reloaded Super Turbo Tournament.  Thanks to Mike Watson for putting on a great tournament and eltrouble and everyone else who helped run the tournament.

Entrants: 57
Video: at 2:49:45)

1st – AfroLegends (Dee Jay)
2nd – Mike Watson (O. Sagat / Dictator / Ryu)
3rd – AfroCole (Dhalsim)
4th – eltrouble (Dhalsim / O. Ryu / O. Ken)
5th – ultracombo (O. Sagat / Ryu / Claw)
5th – DNGR S PAPERCUT “Michael Power” (O. Hawk / Claw)
7th – kuroppi (O. Honda / Honda / Zangief)
7th – MillerTime (Honda / Chun-Li / Claw)

Super Arcade presents 37 Reloaded – Nov 22-23

Mike Watson (Super Arcade) is holding a big throwback tournament called Moment 37 Reloaded from November 22nd to 23rd.  The tournament will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the famous Daigo Parry from EVO 2004 and will be held at the same venue that EVO 2004 took place in, Cal Poly Pomona.  The game lineup will mirror the main games from EVO 2004 and will include: Super Turbo, SFIII: Third Strike, Capcom vs SNK 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2.  There will also be a Ultra Street Fighter IV side tournament.

Among the big names that will be attending will be: Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Alex Valle, John Choi, Mike Watson, AfroLegends, BAS, and many more including an appearance by Tomo Ohira who will be playing exhibition games on Hyper Fighting (the game that was his claim to fame).  There will be no spectator fees for those that want to just come out and watch the excitement.

Registration and more informaton:

37 Reloaded Facebook Event Page:


Saturday (10/22):

10AM – Venue opens + Registration Check-in
12PM – Pools/Brackets Begin

12PM – Capcom vs SNK 2
2PM – SFIII: Third Strike
4PM – Super Turbo
4PM – Marvel vs Capcom 2
6PM – Ultra Street Fighter IV

*Various exhibitions to take place throughout the day.

Sunday (10/23) – Top 8 Finals:

12PM – Capcom vs SNK 2
2PM – Super Turbo
4PM – Marvel vs Capcom 2

6PM – Justin vs Diago Exhibition

6:30PM – Ultra Street Fighter IV
8:30PM – SFIII: Third Strike

Pre 37 Reloaded ST Results from Super Arcade

Mike Watson wins the Pre 37 Reloaded ST Tournament by defeating Snake Eyez in the grand finals.


1st – Mike Watson (O. Sagat / Ryu / O. Guile)
2nd – Snake Eyez (O. Hawk / Ryu)
3rd – eltrouble (Dhalsim)
4th – Ace (Boxer)
5th – Hugo101 (Boxer / Cammy)
5th – MuffinMan (Dee Jay / Ryu / Chun-Li / Boxer)
7th – Mr Igloo (O. Ken / Guile)
7th – MillerTime (Honda)