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Big events for Canada Super Turbo in November!


Big events for Canada Super Turbo in November!  Fight money!!

This is a call to the Super Turbo community to try and gather as big a presence for ST as we can at two events upcoming in November in Toronto, Canada!  Getting some serious numbers and hype players to show up could solidify ST in the running for future Canadian events. We’ve been given some good opportunities and need some community support to show everyone that ST is still alive and well in North America, so get to one or both if you can!

Canada Cup 2015 – Oct 30th to Nov 1st –

One of Canada’s largest Capcom-sponsored majors, Capcom Pro Tour event that will have some big names in attendance.  30+ players have signed up for ST as of this writing, so this will be a big event regardless.  Canada Cup has been a really big hit every year it’s been run and we’re hoping this year will have the best ST presence yet!  Save the 8.95 and attend in person!

Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo – Nov 13 to 15 –

EGLX is an esports and gaming expo that we’re thrilled to be a part of.  This event is going to be a celebration of games beyond just fighters, and the organizers are looking to kick this up into a huge yearly gaming expo in Canada with competitions, celebrities, developer conferences and panels, showcasing of new products, etc.  EGLX is partnering with Toronto Top Tiers for the fighting game portion of the expo, which is well-known in Toronto for running a plethora of amazing FG events.  To top it all off, we’ve been granted a $1000 prize bonus for singles and $250 for the ST teams tournament!  I don’t expect any ST tournament has seen that kind of prize money in a while.

Both events are being run close to Toronto Pearson International Airport with many hotels in the area, so getting there and staying a night or two shouldn’t be a problem.  If you want to arrange anything or need some help from the ST locals, we have an ST Toronto group on Facebook –

Thanks to LuckyJim for the writeup.