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Fightcade Offline Festival ToL3 Qualifier Results

MAO takes the Fightcade Offline Festival championship at NavArcade Akihabara in Spain by defeating TMF in the grand finals.

Based on the rules, the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS 3 qualifier spot goes to the highest placing European player, which is zarghatt. Congratulations to Zarghatt as he joins krost and Comeback on the ToL3 poster!

Date: March 24, 2018
Entrants: 47
Video: YouTube
Bracket: Challonge

1. MAO (Claw)
2. TMF (Zangief)
3. zarghatt (Chun-Li)
4. GolcarJack (Guile)
5. Spinalblood (Sagat)
5. Max (Cammy)
7. ISIMORN (Claw)
7. danyxp