KING OF GGPO 2012 – SUMMER Begins Sept. 7th

It’s that time again! Time for the third qualifier for KING OF GGPO 2012. KING OF SUMMER will kick off with Round 1 on September 7th @ 10PM PST.

Round 2 will take place September 14th @ 10PM PST and Round 3 will take place September 21st @ 10PM PST. The FINALS will take place this time immediately following the conclusion of Round 3.

The winner of KING OF SUMMER will join the winner of KING OF WINTER (AfroLegends) and KING OF SPRING (_yito2k_) to compete in the KING OF GGPO 2012 Championships to be held at the end of the year.


For more information and rules, please visit The KING OF GGPO 2012 and The KING OF SUMMER?pages.
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