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Category: Online

Hokuto Wins the Monday Night Fightcade TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III Qualifier!

Congratulations to Hokuto for qualifying for TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III by defeating yito2k in a thrilling grand finals in the Monday Night Fightcade qualifier!

Video: Twitch
Brackets: Challonge

1. Hokuto (Claw)
2. yito2k (Dhalsim)
3. Ganelon (Claw)
4. x64 (Honda)
5. H-Zero (O. Sagat)
5. RealDecoy (Blanka)
7. SuperV_ (Boxer)
7. Scuzbucket (Chun-Li)

Also, please check out the TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS III fundraiser at to help support ST Revival with tournament expenses and pick up some awesome Super Turbo related goodies in the process. If you can’t swing a full donation for one of the prizes, a small donation of even a couple of dollars is still greatly appreciated! The next Japanese invite will be unlocked at $1950!


Monday Night Fightcade 1.1 Results

Results from the inaugural Monday Night Fightcade hosted by @arkedeum. ELO rankings will be updated soon.

Monday Night Fightcade 1.1
October 17, 2016
Players: 32

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All Monday Night Fightcade events will be streamed by Arakadeum.

The Monday Night Fightcade ELO page.

Read more about the ELO rating system.

More information about Monday Night Fightcade.

Monday Night Fightcade Debuts This Monday!

Monday Night Fightcade Promotional Banner

Arkadeum is hosting a weekly Super Turbo ELO league on Fightcade taking place Mondays at 8PM PST / 11PM EST. The debut takes place tomorrow, October 17th.

To signup visit the Monday Night Fightcade signup page on Challonge.


  • North America only (USA, Canada, Mexico).
  • 200ms ping or lower to host. NO WIFI!
  • 2 out of 3 games / 3 out of 5 games for Winner’s/Loser’s/Grand finals.
  • Akuma is banned.
  • 32 player cap.

Arkadeum will be streaming live at:

The Monday Night Fightcade ELO page.

Read more about the ELO rating system.

More information about Monday Night Fightcade.

Fightmania Championship Results


Yito2k takes the Fightmania Online Championship by defeating Technical Monkey in the grand finals. Ultracombo takes 3rd place.  Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated.  Special thank you to Sabin for streaming and providing prizes, Sergjiev for his help and also providing prizes and to eltrouble for running the brackets.  And last but not least, Pof, for all his work on Fightcade.
FIGHTMANIA Online Championship – 11.29.14

Entries: 32
Bracket: Challonge

1st – yito2k (Dhalsim) – Wins ToL II signed poster.
2nd – Technical Monkey (Chun-Li) – Wins $50 gift certificate to Focus Attack
3rd – ultracombo (O. Sagat) – Wins Dragon Age:Inquisition game
4th – Hokuto (Claw)
5th – Nomrah
5th – CPU
7th – RealDecoy
7th – MegamanX8

1st – yito – poster
2nd – technical – $50 FA gift card
3rd – ultracombo – Dragon Age: Inquisitions

FightMania tournament taking place 11/29 on Fightcade

Fightcade, Sabin, Arkadeum and ST Revival will be hosting FightMania, a special Online Tournament being held on Fightcade.  The tournament will take place Saturday, November 29th.  eltrouble, Sergjiev and Sabin will be running the tournament and Sabin will be streaming the tournament live on his Twitch TV Channel.


– Tournament will be run on Fightcade.  You can download Fightcade here for Windows/Mac/Linux:

– Double Elimination
– Matches are 2/3 games – Grand Finals are 3/5 games.
– No Character Lock.  Players may switch characters between opponents and after they lose a game.
– Akuma is banned. O. Zangief “magic grab” glitch is banned.
– Tournament is capped at 32 players.
– Participants are restricted to North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
– If two players cannot connect, an alternative method may be used (GGPO/Supercade) or a coin-flip will determine the winner.
– Anyone caught using macros or turbo will be DISQUALIFIED.

– The tournament will be streamed live by Sabin @


– The winner will be recognized as the FightMania 2014 Champion and will receive a $25 gift certificate to Focus Attack and a special TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II poster signed by the competitors.

Fightcade is released – Online gaming for ST

Retro arcade gaming platform for Netplay. Play your favorite Retro VS Games online!

@pof has released his GGPO server re-implementation, called FightCade. It’s in beta but you can visit and download (Windows, Linux and MacOS) it to help betatest and enjoy.

Two new features not on GGPO have already been implemented, with more great features hopefully coming in the future:

1. No more port-fowarding! (Finally!)
2. Saved replays. (All games are saved server side, and you can watch them later. similar to Supercade, although there’s no interface to host the replays yet, it’s planned to be finished in the near future.)



The two most used platforms for online arcade gaming are Supercade and GGPO. Unfortunately, none of them are actively supported nor maintained by their authors anymore. In the case of Supercade the service might be discontinued anytime after October 2014. GGPO servers have been suffering long down time periods recently.

This project is a new online arcade gaming platform heavily based on GGPO. The goal is to enhance current features as well as add new community requests to improve the overall experience. It’s very possible that new features are first created for Super Street Fighter II Turbo and later might be added for other games.

GGPO No Guts No Glory 4 Tournament Results

The EB Stream along with Sergjiev and eltrouble doing commentary, hosted the fourth edition of their No Guts No Glory Tournament as part of their charity stream for the British Heart Foundation.

The stream is going on for six days and can be watched at

To donate to the British Heart Foundation, click the banner on the stream page or go here.

1st – kuroppi (USA/O. Honda)
2nd – Hokuto (MEX/Claw)
3rd – Technical Monkey (USA/Chun-Li)
4th – ultracombo (USA/O. Sagat)

Coverage of Hazi Cup 4 from Delatroy

Full coverage of the Japanese Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournament “Hazi Cup 4” hosted on GGPO! The tournament marked the return of MysteriousFighter in addition to welcoming newcomers camel-suwasero and DXdosucoi.



– 16 entrants
– Solo
– 2 character locked
– 2/3 (FT2)
– Single elimination
– No Akuma
– No macros and autofire

Recorded on: 7/12/2013

GGPO スパⅡX大会 haziカップ4

– 参加者16名。
– 個人戦
– 2キャラ
– 2/3 ラウンド (FT2)
– 勝ち残り
– Akuma 禁止された
– 禁止連射


Stage 1
01:31 MIN-MIN (FeiLong, O.Sagat) vs. kenta–kobe (E.Honda, Claw)
05:37 moji (ChunLi, ChunLi) vs hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk)
09:31 Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka) vs. Asuka7 (Ken, ChunLi)
11:55 gotchi (Blanka, Dic) vs. NeoRay (ChunLi, T.Hawk)
15:35 stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. Saburou (Ryu, Ryu)
19:20 osaka-pizza (Ryu, Ryu) vs DXdosucoi (Claw, Claw)
21:46 MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu) vs. camel-suwasero(T.Hawk, T.Hawk)
23:37 isibasi_takaaki (Zangief. Guile) vs AramakiScaltinof (Sagat, Sagat)

26:01 kenta–kobe (E.Honda, Claw) vs. hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk)
29:13 Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka) vs. NeoRay (ChunLi, T.Hawk)
xx:xx stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. osaka-pizza (Ryu, Ryu) (recording missing)
31:36 MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu) vs. isibasi_takaaki (Zangief. Guile)

34:59 hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk) vs. Embyro bud (Blanka, Blanka)
38:58 stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu) vs. MysteriousFighter (Ryu, Ryu)

44:21 hazi (DeeJay, T.Hawk) vs. stella0415 (Ryu, Ryu)


Many thanks to: hazi, osaka-pizza, kuroppi and Serge for their good work on helping to make this happen and for their continued community support!

Music attribution:
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Menu (Clamato Fever)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Ken Stage (Made in U.S.A.)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Chun-Li Stage (Street Market)

Tournament page:

Tournament stream:





Yito2k wins KING OF GGPO 2013!

yito2k defeats Kyouya and ultracombo in the Grand Finals Race to Ten to become the KING OF GGPO 2013 Champion!
Special thanks to Sergjiev (Arkadeum) for streaming all the qualifiers, eltrouble for providing commentary, MuffinMan and Miller time for additional commentary and to everyone who participated!

Name: KING OF GGPO 2013 – Qualifier #3
Date: November 23, 2013
Location: GGPO
Entries: 23
Video: Coming Soon
Brackets: Tonamento

soldshort (ultracombo)  O. Sagat / Ryu

Jarek04  O. Sagat / Boxer

Hyphen-ated  Fei Long

Date: November 23, 2013
Location: GGPO
Entries: 3 Finalists
Video: Coming Soon
Brackets: N/A

yito2k  10 wins

Kyouya  7 wins

soldshort (ultracombo)  4 wins

KING OF GGPO Qualifier #2 Results

Kyouya Qualifies for the KING OF GGPO 2013 Finals on November 23rd.  Qualifier #3 and the Grand Finals take place next Saturday (Nov. 23th) at 1PM PST / 4PM PST.  Register at

Name: KING OF GGPO 2013 – Qualifier #1
Date: November 16, 2013
Location: GGPO
Entries: 26
Video: YouTube
Brackets: Tonamento

yito  Dhalsim

madpossum  E. Honda

Jarek  O. Sagat / O. Ken

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