KING OF GGPO 2012 Championship

With the big Arcade Relief stream taking place this weekend, the KING OF GGPO 2012 Championship is being moved to Saturday, December 29th @ 4PM PST / 7PM EST.

The one and only “Sabin” Arturo Sanchez will be streaming the event which will feature the four KING OF GGPO 2012 qualifiers: former EVO Champion, AfroLegends, up-and-comer and SF25th Anniversary finalist, Shotosallday (aka J-Rod), the Mexican Dhalsim master, yito2k, and the ever dangerous Evoralph in a round-robin format between the four finalists.  The the top two round-robin finishers will then face off in a first to ten match to determine the KING OF GGPO 2012 Champion!

For more information, check out the KING OF GGPO 2012 page and check out Sabin’s stream @
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